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Lin Lin Vegetarian Delight – Great Hor Fun 霖霖素食料理

Lin Lin Vegetarian Delight – Great Hor Fun 霖霖素食料

 Lin Lin Vegetarian Hor Fun 2

We were hunting for good Hor Fun and someone recommended to try the Hor Fun at Lin Lin Vegetarian Delight, a vegetarian Tze Char stall housed in the coffeeshop at Bedok.

Honestly speaking, we did not have too high the expectation and even casting some level of doubt how good a vegetarian stall can whip out a plate of real good charred flavoured hor fun.

Lin Lin Vegetarian Hor Fun 1

 “So dark!” was the first impression when the Hor Fun was served, the colour of noodle was much darken compared to any of the Hor Fun we had tasted before. Plenty of dark soy sauce added? Since this is a vegetarian stall, no seafood, garlics or chicken stock can be expected in the dish, how good can that be without the essence of those seasonings.

Lin Lin Vegetarian Hor Fun 3

Interestingly, the Hor Fun was incredible flavourful, the hearty and distinctive fragrance from the unpretentious charred flavour was so intense and hit our senses immediately, “Wow…excellent wok hei ! ” that was the exclaimed from our son. Undeniably, the chef has mastered the frying skills to bring up the “wok hei” (Charred flavour) of the Hor Fun, a precise control of fire and timing and tossing skills are needed to accomplish the task.

The wok hei perfectly permeated each strand of noodle and create a nice flavour that accentuate the scrumptious tastes. The gravy was simply and nothing fanciful, however, it has a comforting taste, the combination setting the flavouful roll apart from most other Hor Fun stalls.

Lin Lin Vegetarian Hor Fun 4

Topping was the usual mushroom, green leafy and the mocked meat, however, between those usual stuff, it was the quality of the ingredients and toppings that win our attention and compliments as well. The boss kept emphasizing the use of only quality ingredients, we do concur the validity of his statement which clearly reflected on their food.

Overall, the proclamation one of the best Hor Fun was not over hyped at all; Lin Lin Vegetarian Hor Fun can be considered a real hidden gem in this old coffeeshop. If you truly want to appreciate a good charred flavour Hor Fun, this is the place to go. Of course, a vegetarian one.

 Lin Lin Vegetarian Delight 1


Lin Lin Vegetarian Delights

Chow Hin Coffeeshop 昭兴餐室

Address: Blk 412, Bedok North Ave 2, 01-114, Bedok Telephone: 62427010 Operating Hours: Tue-Sun: 10am – 10pm. Closed Monday.




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