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Lim Hin Fruit Drink Stall – Best Soursop Drink

The stall has built her reputation of the famous soursop juice drink back in Teman Serasi hawker centre near the Botanic garden in the mid 70s. Follow the resettlement and redevelopment of the area, the stall moved to Old Airport hawker centre and continued the business till now.

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So, why so special about the soursop sold by the stall compared to others? If you have tasted the soursop here, you will probably degrade many others for the same products. Two distinct differences make the drink truly stand out. While most of the soursop drink serves the soursop kept for days in the fridge but Lim Hin soursop drink goes with the freshness only. Others simply added sugar syrups and topped with some ice to call it soursop but Lim Hin took the trouble of going through the blending machine to ensure the well mixed of the soursop with the syrups before adding right amount of ice cube and complete topping with the real fresh soursop meat into the drink.

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Soursop Drink

You can taste the soft and juicy of the soursop as well as the invigorating and refreshing of the juice evenly spread every corner of the cup. It is definitely not the artificial sweetness drink with the frozen hard fruit we often found in many other places.

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Lim Hin Fruit Drink Stall – Soursop

Address: Old Airport Road Food Centre

51 Old Airport Road #01-36, Singapore 390051

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