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LiHo – Creative Fun Flavours, Ho Buay Ho?


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Flashback to a year ago, this homegrown brand left the whole country #shook and terrified by taking over all the Gong Cha outlets in Singapore. LiHo’s entrance to the market was not celebrated by locals and instead, obershadowed by the wave of grief for #Gonecha’s departure.

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Oh, the horror.

Fast forward to today, LiHo is constantly trying its best to come up with fresh, new flavours that hopefully connect with the locals. Scary thing is, Gong Cha is back and stronger and ever. Can LiHo survive this cut-throat world of bubble teas?

A brand that is creatively localised, and has an innovative marketing team, LiHo is always on-the-go, coming up with new gimmicks and attention-grabbing flavours. They also have really good deals (i.e. $2 milk teas) and healthier options(stevia), which has garnered them quite a horde of supporters. Today, follow me on a bumpy ride through a list of LiHo’s signature menu items.

LiHo’s Signature Drinks

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Salted Egg Lava Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk

There are two types of people in this world – the ones that marvel at the beauty of this new drink, and the ones that are very done with the salted egg craze. As a strong worshipper and fan of salted egg lava #SEL, I belong proudly to the former. Only available at their Bugis+, VivoCity and Suntec City outlets currently, it is not easy to get your hands on one of these.

Photo credit: LiHo SG facebook

Behold, as the golden river of decadence flows down the cup. Made from real salted eggs, the fragrant SEL harmonises with the creamy brown sugar fresh milk to create an indulgent drink combining savoury and sweet profiles. Many report that the SEL doesn’t mix completely with the cold milk, leaving salty lumps in the cup waiting to be sipped on.

While some may find unexplainable chemistry between these 2 ingredients, many others beg to differ, suggesting that they are better off separated. If you still don’t know how you feel about this, maybe go get a cup to quench your curiosity.

Photo credit: @lihosg

Brown Sugar Pearl Series

Following closely on heels of the Brown Sugar Milk craze that had Singaporeans sipping bubble teas again, LiHo came up with its own rendition of it, and of course, injected its own adventurous touch. There are four main flavours – Fresh Milk, Matcha, Chocolate and Avocado. Cooked in raw and pure brown sugar, the pearls were delightfully perfumed and chewy, making this series a hot hit amongst customers.

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Of course, LiHo doesn’t stop there. This is the Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk Party, which is topped with peanuts, oreo cookie crumbs, caramelised biscuit crumbs and CREAM CHEESE foam. More of a dessert than drink, this is a sugary party that is bound to expand your waistline. But if you don’t mind, you can expect a load of crunchiness in your drink, which enhances the chewiness of the pearls, and velvety creaminess from the cream cheese and milk.

Photo credit: @i12katong

Cheese Guan Yin

This is the brand that brought in cheese teas back in 2017, and when we talk about favourites, their Cheese Guan Yin has to take the cake, or at least a piece of it. Aromatic brewed Guan Yin is topped with a smooth layer of cheese, introducing a unique flavour that is salty yet bittersweet to the tastebuds. With the thirst-quenching powers of the fragrant tea, partnering the indulgence of the cheese foam, it’s no wonder this drink is one of the top hits.

Photo credit: @lihosg

Singapore Fruit Tea

What’s a Singaporean Tea brand without a tea that quenches the never-ending thirst of Singaporeans in this brutal weather? With 6 different real fruit juices and slices partying in the cup – passionfruit, watermelon, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon and calamansi, the Singapore Fruit Tea provides a citrusy and sweet gulp, all infused in Jasmine Green Tea. It is eye-catching in pictures, and acts as a lifesaver under the glaring sun.

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Salted Caramel Lava Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk 

Fresh on the menu, this is like the more socially-acceptable sister of the salted egg version. LiHo launched this new flavour just last week at 15 selected outlets(check their FB), and for now, there isn’t much hype to this new addition yet. But I can surely say, the Singaporean obsession towards sweet-salty combinations will not die down anytime soon.

LiHo tries to be ahead of the trend, and whether that is success or not, we are not sure. I will say, that I am excited to see what controversial flavours they will come up with next.

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