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Lighthouse Bistro & Bar

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Lighthouse Bistro and Bar – Nice café, food and service

Lighthouse Bistro & Bar has been the social arm of Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union and the maritime community at large. Over the years, the cafe has undergone few revamps both in the furnishings and the menu. The maritime-themed restaurant specialises in Western-style seafood cuisine but does incorporate some local flair into the dishes.

The ambience is very comfortable with a neat and clean table layout both indoor and outdoor. Part of the section is retrofitted with sofas and is great for guests to relax and enjoy a slow afternoon. Lighthouse Bistro & Bar provides not just a nice cafe environment but the feeling of a cosy lounge.

Seafood may be the main option but you can find fairly good quality poultry, beef and meatless dishes here as well.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — Forest Mushrooms Medley ($8.00)

lighthouse bistro & Bar forest mushroom medley

Beef broth, herb oil and garden toast served in a big bowl, the finely blended mushrooms were packed with flavour from the beef broth and herb oil. A comforting soup that is definitely worth ordering.

lighthouse bistro & Bar mushroom soup with garden toast

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — Norwegian Salmon’s Milk Bath ($10.00)

lighthouse bistro & Bar 5

Light milk bath, nai bai, ginger and enoki, it resembled the Thai green curry in taste but with a less cloying feel. We loved the slight spiciness and the light milk bath that helped to enliven the overall taste. The salmon and the veggies complemented well with the soup and was a dish well deserving of our endorsement.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — Nippon seasoned scallops ($17.00)

lighthouse bistro & Bar 9

Bonito, tomatoes, oil, tom yam mayo and peas. The pan-fried scallops were nicely done, unfortunately, peas are not our favorite and the pairing somehow cast the shadow over the dish.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — Fisherman’s Board ($19.00)

lighthouse bistro & Bar 6

The seafood platter consists of tiger prawns, batavia squid, atlantic dory and blue mussels. Lighthouse Bistro and Bar’s culinary mastery over seafood is well reflected in this dish. Springy prawns, well seasoned squid, beautifully crisp-coated dory fish sticks with its tender and juicy meat, and fresh blue mussels nicely showcased in this well-received and value for money seafood platter.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — Darling Downs Wagyu ($42.00)

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180g of 350 days grain fed organic ribeye featuring grade four marbling. Served with sweet potatoes and mushroom.

The wagyu beef was nicely charred and perfectly seared, you can fully enjoy the juiciness retained within. Sweet potatoe risotto as a side was a great complement to the main and simply satisfying.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — Fisherman’s Angel Hair ($19.00)

lighthouse bistro & Bar 8

Angel hair pasta tossed with tiger prawns, blue mussels, batavia squid in a sambal sauce.

The western version of Malay mee goreng, the typical thick yellow noodle was replaced by the thin spaghetti. The taste was just kinda similar to the mee goreng but at the premium twist.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — Honey Charred Chicken ($17.00)

lighthouse bistro & Bar 11

200g chicken thigh marinated over 24 hours served with waffle chips and greens.

The caramelised chicken skin was incredibly flavourful with its 24 hours marinade. The tender and juicy meat made this honey charred chicken a delight to the palate.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — P.P.Lighthouse ($11.00)

lighthouse bistro & Bar 12

Banana cake topped with coconut ice cream and berries. The banana cake was mild sweet and blended well with the ice cream. Nice dessert to complete the meal.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — Nutella Plait ($10)

lighthouse bistro & Bar 13

Warm gooey hazelnut chocolate baked inside of a tasty croissant puff pastry complemented by the ice cream and berries.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — Mocha – Espresso ($8.00)

lighthouse bistro & Bar 14

Can’t bear to destroy the latte art – it’s simply lovely.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar — Fly Me To The Moon ($9.00) & New Horizons ($10.00)

lighthouse bistro & Bar 7

Fly Me To The Moon: Sweet & Sour mix, sprite, cranberry & orange juice.

New Horizons: Blue lagoon, orange juice, strawberry syrup, sprite

Our verdict on Lighthouse Bistro & Bar

Lighthouse Bistro & Bar has a meticulously crafted menu that is a good balance of soul foods incorporated with a touch of local palate. Worth the visit? Good quality food, nice ambience, great service. It also boasts one of the most generous cafe servings with huge portions of food in all categories, from big bowl of soup, starter, main course to the desserts and extra big coffee, everything is upsize and easy on your wallet. What are you waiting for?

Lighthouse Bistro & Bar

A: 75 Jellicoe Road Wavelink Holding #01-01 Singapore 208738

H: 12pm to 10.30pm daily, except Sundays & public holidays, last orders for food is at 9.30pm and 10pm for drinks.

T: +65 6390 1699

W: http://www.lighthouse-sg.com

Thanks Chope and Lighthouse Bistro & Bar for the invite


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