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Liang Zhao Ji Duck Porridge and Duck Rice 粱照记鸭粥和鸭饭

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Liang Zhao Ji Duck Porridge and Duck Rice 粱照记鸭粥和鸭饭


Braised duck traditionally is a Teochew dish and nowadays it is getting tougher to look for a real good braised duck around. Unfortunately, some of the real good braised duck have perished overtime, one of the  best duck rice at South Buona Vista Road Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice has shut the door citing no successor and health condition. What a pity the gone of a good duck rice.

Liang Zhao Ji Duck porridge and duck rice able to stand up for the challenge?

Liang Zhao Kee duck porridge duck rice 4

 If judging from the queue, it was fairly consistent but not as long as Chuan Kee Boneless Brasied Duck at Chong Pang. We ordered the standard braised duck rice with extra eggs and beancurd. The rice did not contain yam and obviously the rice was only cooked with dark sauce and perhaps mixed with the braised duck gravy. The rice quality may not be of the good grade or the steaming process was misjudged that went astray, the rice grains were fragmented and lack of the moist, even with the doused over of gravy, it just tasted bland. We were wondered where is the distinctive herbal flavor with cinnamon of the gravy?  

Liang Zhao Kee duck porridge duck rice 3

The duck was not as tender as what we expect but the biggest disappointment was the lack of the alluring braised duck flavor. We were whispering amongst ourselves, what it is all about the hype of the stall? Trying real hard to find something worth the compliment but ……. may be the braised egg, tau kwa or the chili sauce.…however, sad to say that nothing really outstanding.

Overall, good food will leave a deep impression with us but we can’t have the feel with Liang Zhao Ji Duck porridge and duck rice. We hope it was just not the good day for Liang Zhao Ji, however, until we revisit them one of the days, the duck rice here is nowhere near the best duck rice.

 Liang Zhao Kee duck porridge duck rice 1

Liang Zhao Ji Duck Porridge and Duck Rice

Address: Blk 90 Whampoa Drive #01-07, Whampoa Makan Place, Singapore

Operating hours: 10.45am – 3.30pm, Closed Tuesday

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