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Lian Soon Huat Live Seafood @ Tampines (CLOSED)

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Lian Soon Huat Live Seafood – NOTE: OPERATION CEASED @ Tampines branch

“Restaurant standard but coffeeshop price”, that is what Lian Soon Huat Live Seafood Restaurant commitment to the patrons, it can be a big booster for Lian Soon Huat Live Seafood Restaurant if they can deliver the audacious pledge.

Started and managed by three buddies, the zi char has since expanded from one stall to the current three stalls at various coffee shops around the island. So, what make Lian Soon Huat live Seafood Restaurant a name to lure the diners to the tables?

Fishhead Steamboat $25/$35

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We ordered the Red Snapper / Ang Go Li, not so much of the bony fish head we used to in the traditional steamboat but instead chunks of fish meat was found in the broth. Unfortunately, the steamboat was not served in the traditional charcoal base chimney vessel but in a modern open top frying pot type, it has somehow the psychological barrier to make the steamboat appeared alluring.

Broth is the soul of the steamboat besides the freshness of the fish. The broth was milky white, cabbage, seaweed and tomatoes helped to infuse the sweetness and flavour, however, taste was fairly ordinary and not able to leave you with too deep the impression.

White Mee Hoon $9

lian soon huat live seafood 2

The stock went into simmering the mee hoon got to have the right chemistry to bring up the flavour, Lian Soon Huat white bee hoon apparently required more work to add the depth to the flavour.

Sweet & Sour Pork $9/$13/$18

lian soon huat live seafood 6

The deep fried bite sized pork rib was tender and coated with a sweet and sour sauce. The caramelized coating was balanced with the subtle of sweet and savory flavours that we do enjoy.

Fragrant Imperial Beancurd $8/$12

lian soon huat live seafood 7

The tofu was silky soft, deep fried in the oil and doused with gravy and veggies.

Mixed Eggs Spinach With Superior Soup $9/$13/$18

lian soon huat live seafood 5

Chinese spinach with three colour eggs, Mixed of century egg, salted egg and the regular hard boiled egg cooked with spinach. It was fairly ordinary and nothing to shout about.

Fu Rong Omelette $6/$8/$10

lian soon huat live seafood 4

Order this dish solely for our son who is madly in love with eggs.

Fried Prawn Paste Fragrance Chicken $9/$13/$18

lian soon huat live seafood 3

The prawn paste was not overly emphasized to leave you the fishy and cloying taste commonly found in many of the prawn paste wings. Crispy skin and tender meat that made the wings a tantalizing delicacy worth to try.

Lian Soon Huat Live Seafood Verdict :

Price is very reasonable and we do reckon the satisfactory food standard at Lian Huat Soon Live Seafood if compared to other zi char stalls around. A bit of more work to the dishes could readily brings the standard a notch higher and to complement the call of “Restaurant standard but coffeeshop price”.

Lian Soon Huat Live Seafood Details: OPERATION CEASED @ Tampines branch.

Address: Blk 138 Tampines Street 11, #01-148, Singapore 521138
Phone: 9226 2000
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5pm – 10pm


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