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Legendary Hong Kong 港饮港食- MongKok in Singapore

Legendary Hong Kong 港饮港食- MongKok in Singapore

We were invited to attend the grand opening of Legendary Hong Kong Café at Jurong Point Shopping Mall, located on the third level of the Jurong Point 2 area.

lengendary Hong Kong 13

When we saw the signboard “Glutton Street”, we felt right at home: stepping into the cafe, you’re instantly transported. Hong Kong’s iconic and spectacular neon-lit billboard signs dazzled us immediately. What with Mandarin oldies playing in the air, and the uncanny replica of the famous Mongkok district street market, we felt like we were experiencing the vibrancy of Hong Kong first-hand.

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Legendary Hong Kong serves up authentic Hong Kong dim sum and cuisine, from the famous roast duck to wanton mee and the Po-Lo pau. The restaurant occupies a few of the units along “Glutton Street”, with each section boasting a different type of food. The café has a sprawling 300 seating capacity to meet the high traffic flow.

lengendary Hong Kong 1

The opening was a grand one with a traditional lion dance and celebrity ribbon cutting to inaugurate the opening. The whole restaurant was jam-packed. It was so crowded that the serving of food was chaotic, and many items that we ordered mostly never arrived – a result of the crazy crowd, but expected for the opening day of a restaurant!

Char Siew (BBQ Pork)

Charred on the exterior but boasting juicy tenderness within. The seasoning was not too bad except the fat seemed a little excessive in comparison to the lean meat.

lengendary Hong Kong 2

Fried Carrot cake – Sautéed Turnip Cake

Hong Kong style fried carrot cake comes in cubes, fried with XO sauce to a slight crisp with egg and bean sprouts, not the usual Singapore style fried carrot cake that uses dark and sweet sauce. Pleasure in every bite!

lengendary Hong Kong 3

Po-Lo Pau

The Custard Crust Bun was served plain with butter, the crust was slightly caramelized but it was fluffy and fragrant inside. This is one of the pastries that shouldn’t be missed: we had to request for a second serving since my glutton son finished three quarters of the bun and left the balance to share amongst the three of us.

lengendary Hong Kong 5

We watched as the waitresses scampered from table to table serving guests the custard crust bun, but ours never arrived. We thought we just had to go without – but luckily we had been given a door gift – a pack of Polo pau !

Steamed Char Siew Pau

The filling was pathetic in comparison to the thick crust. We could hardly taste the char siew.

lengendary Hong Kong 6

Siew Mai

The Siew Mai was packed with chopped meat, prawns and mushroom, kind of run-off-the-mill and could definitely afford to be tastier.

lengendary Hong Kong 4

Hong Kong Wanton mee

You must know how to appreciate Hong Kong style Wanton Mee in order to enjoy the noodle. Something we’ve got to admit we need more exposure to..

lengendary Hong Kong 8

You tiao wrapped in Chee Cheong Fun

The you tiao (Chinese deep fried fritter) was wrapped by Chee Cheong Fun (Thin rice sheet) skin. It was rather bland without the additional dipping sauces.

lengendary Hong Kong 7

Roasted duck

One of the dishes that came highly recommended by the restaurant, the duck skin was roasted to a glistering gold finish and there was little fat underneath the skin. The duck meat was tender and moist, a dish well-liked by all of us.

lengendary Hong Kong 11

Honestly speaking, while there were hits and misses, we think the food quality could be better if not for the overwhelming crowd that might have over-stressed the chefs. It’s definitely not an easy task to keep the food and service running like clockwork on the opening day. We’ll need to be back one day to do a proper assessment!

 lengendary Hong Kong 9

Chef Siu with Hui Ping and QiQi.


Legendary Hong Kong 港饮港食

Add: Jurong Point 2 Shopping Centre,

63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-80, Singapore 648331

Hrs: 08:00am to 11:00pm daily, Closed 2:00pm to 5:30pm



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