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Launch of New Teriyaki Marinade and New Packaging for Tomato Ketchup

We’re sure most of you have heard of Lee Kum Kee before (well if you haven’t, you probably don’t spend much time in the kitchen!). This was a new experience for us: the Glutton family was invited for a live cooking demonstration by Chef Rayner on how to use the new Teriyaki Marinade ($3.70), while also creating food art with the new squeezable Tomato Ketchup bottle ($1.25). Chef Rayner has previously worked with Michelin-starred Chef Joël Robuchon at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Resorts World Sentosa, so needless to say we were more than excited!

If you all aren’t aware, Lee Kum Kee has actually been around for more than 120 years with more than 200 sauces and condiments available worldwide. They’ve been constantly trying to come up with new and innovative products and that’s how they came up with the new Teriyaki Marinade with white toasted sesame seeds and no added preservatives; new squeezable tomato ketchup bottle allowing for parents and children to create instant food art. Both sauces are also halal so all families can enjoy it! The Tomato Ketchup has a smooth and delicate fresh tomato taste. It is a fine sauce that adds colour and enhances flavour with sweet and sour taste.

Lee Kum Kee 1

The event first started off with a little buffet line of dishes using the Teriyaki Marinade, like the salmon on a stick, grilled eggplant, udon and more.

Lee Kum Kee 5

After we’d filled our tummies, Chef Rayner demonstrated how to use the new Teriyaki Marinade and Squeezable Tomato Ketchup bottle in the Tsukene served with Tomato sauce and the Garlic Teriyaki Fried Rice.

Lee Kum Kee 2

We are surprised at how such a savory taste can be achieved by simply by using Teriyaki sauce. It seems so easy to prepare that even I can cook it at home too! For the recipes, we’ve posted it over at – a site that chronicles a chef’s journey with accompanying recipes.

Lee Kum Kee 3

Lastly, we also had the chance to have a little hands-on at making our own chicken thigh Teriyaki sandwich. (Alright, it was more like us putting the pieces together, but it was fun nevertheless!) We had some carrots and cucumbers to play with, along with the tomato sauce to create cute designs.

Lee Kum Kee 6

This was how ours turned out, and my mum, being the most artistic in the family, obviously won the prize at our table. (There’s not a single artistic bone in me – zero, zilch, nada.)

Lee Kum Kee 8


Lee Kum Kee 9

It was an eye opener for us, seeing how easy it was to make use of the marinades to create tons of different foods. Keep a look out at for more Lee Kum Kee recipes! Once again, many thanks to Lee Kum Kee for having us over and thanks to Chef Rayner for making our night a fun one!

Lee Kum Kee 7

Lee Kum Kee



  1. I’ve never try the LKK hot bean sauce! I’ve seen them. I bet it is spicy flavourful. Btw, wniishg you Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Velentine’s Day! May you’ve a fabulous time.祝你 : 新年快樂 身體健康 萬事如意! 恭喜 恭喜! ^_^Best wishes, Kristy


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