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Lau Fu Lin crispy deep fried Yong Tau Foo 老福林酿豆腐 (CLOSED)

Lau Fu Lin crispy deep fried Yong Tau Foo 老福林酿豆腐

Together with the famous Lau Lim Mee Pok, they house another famous Yong Tau Foo at Simpang Bedok Market Place shop, right next to each other. The two seemingly different food are attracting each  of their loyal patrons. Most of the time, you will probably find both the mee pok and the Yong Tau Foo on the tables, not to compete with each other but complement each other to entice the perpetual flow of the customers.

Lau Fu Lin crispy deep fried Yong Tau Foo

lau fu lin you tau fu 3

Lau Fu Lin crispy deep fried Yong Tau Foo, as what the name suggest, the Yong Tau Foo are practically all deep fried to create a light crisp outer coating before serving. Supposedly a healthier choice by nature, but with the deep fried version, we are not sure it is anymore considered a healthy food if compared to the water boiled Yong Tau Foo you can buy from most of the Yong Tau Foo stalls. However, let’s face the reality; the sinfully palatable deep fried Yong Tau Foo is too tempting for anyone to resist the seduction. Eat first and worry later.

lau fu lin you tau fu 2

The freshness of the Yong Tau Foo was indeed commendable, besides the wide variety of choices, it is freshly made daily and it is probably their freshness that helps keep the name afloat. Honestly speaking, the Yong Tau Foo here was quite ordinary if not its freshness making the difference. The gravy doused over the Yong Tau Foo does not taste great at all if compared to the Ampang famous Yong Tau Foo’s lovely gravy, or maybe it is the strategy of the shop to prevent the gravy from overshadowing the Yong Tau Foo; hence allowing the customers to fully appreciate the freshness of the Yong Tau Foo than complementing gravy.

lau fu lin you tau fu 4

Overall, the Yong Tau Foo impressed us with its freshness but definitely not the gravy if compared to our beloved Upper Thomson Ampang Yong Tau Foo.

lau fu lin you tau fu 1

Lau Fu Lin crispy deep fried Yong Tau Foo

Address: Bedok Market place, 306 Bedok Road,  Singapore 469466 (CLOSED !!)

New Address: Blk 824 Tampines st 81 (not yet opened as of 9 Mar 14)

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 8.00 am to 4.30 pm



  1. Oops. no idea at the moment but we will on the look up where they moved to. Anyone has the info please share. Thanks.

  2. This has moved to blk 824 Tampines st 81, near the two thai eateries. Across the road from blk 894. It’s supposed to open in march, but as of 9 March (today) it still seems closed..

  3. The store at Tampines St 81 Blk 824 is already opened for more than a month.
    I was surprised to find it so near my home.
    Hope everyone can drop by to support it. The food is just as good.

  4. The food is good and fresh at Tampines, can always see the boss being busy in the kitchen preparing the orders. However the service lady at the counter can be rude. I saw how she spoke to a customer who was clarifying the pricing of her orders. Not impressive.


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