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Lao Zhong Zhong Fine Spice Ngoh Hiang (Wu Xiang) 老中中五香酥虾饼 – The BEST!

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Lao Zhong Zhong Fine Spice Ngoh Hiang (Wu Xiang) 老中中五香酥虾饼 – The BEST!


Lao Zhong Zhong “Fine” (Should be “Five” we thought?) spices Wu Xiang is the famous Ngoh Hiang stall that started near the previous Old Thong Chai Chinese medical hall at South Bridge Road. Over the years, it has shifted several times and now finally settled down in one of the coffeeshops at Macpherson.
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Talking about good Ngoh Hiang or Wu Xiang in Singapore, Lao Zhong Zhong is a clear winner in the Ngoh Hiang category. Why is that so? Of course, there are good Ngoh Hiang stalls around and you can find one or two good types of Wu Xiang out of the many exotic variations available at the stall, however, most of the balance assortments are usually atrocious and in the end only left you with more disgruntlement.

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Lao Zhong Zhong has been consistent in their quality, besides the freshness, the crispy shrimp fritter, soft heavenly beancurd or tau kwa, special carrot cake, crunchy fishball and the fragrance prawn rolls or sausage were delectable and went well with the complimenting chili sauce. The rest of the items are equally well in retrospective.

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Lao Zhong Zhong not only commands the superior quality in their wu xiang, the cheap and affordable price is something that makes the stall worth the many visits. With most of the items are selling below a dollar, it is hard to find any wu xiang stall command at the same price.
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What truly make Lao Zhong Zhong stands out amongst the rest are their quality, taste and price. It is the key elements that help to formulate the winning formula for Lao Zhong Zhong.

Overall, if you are looking for a real good and cheap Wu Xiang, we have no hesitation to recommend Lao Zhong Zhong. There is why whenever we have a craving on Wu Xiang, Lao Zhong Zhong brand naturally flashes through our mind instantly. Try it and you will not likely to regret.

Lao Zhong Zhong Fine Spice Ngoh Hiang (Wu Xiang) 老中中五香酥虾饼 – The BEST!

Add: 29 Tai Thong Crescent #01-03, Singapore 347858

Hrs: 12noon to 11pm; Closed on alternate Mondays



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