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Lao Song Huat Fishball Noodle 老松发鱼丸粿条面

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Lao Song Huat Fishball Noodle 老松发鱼丸粿条面

There is a always a place in my heart of the mee pok sold at my primary school’s canteen, few times a week without failed for six years from the same stall, the same mee pok, the same chilli, the same soup….so yummy that till now, whenever I clamor for mee pok, I couldn’t help not to rake up the nostalgia taste of the old good days noodles, The mee pok stall is always one of the sweetest memories of my childhood on food.

Many years have passed, the search for the taste, the satisfaction, the clamour of my luscious mee pok will continue.

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 Lao Song Huat Fishball Noodle

Originated from the Botanical Garden Famous Fishball Noodle, Lao Song Huat Fishball Noodle moved to Serangoon Garden Food Centre many years ago and since flourishing with the support from the die-hard fans and new addition.

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We like the dry mee pok, of course, not comparable to the same old taste of my childhood memory, however, good enough to win over part of my heart. The mee pok was not soggy and slight springy to the bite, if the spicy savoury sauce can be enhanced, the mee pok can be a real killer.

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Fish balls were fresh and bouncy but equally impressed us was the soup served in the mini-steamboat, the supremely sweet flavour and delightful soup was extremely pleasant with a lovely fragrance embedded in every part of the soup. The soup is the truth star of the stall and definitely warrants our endorsement.

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Formally located at Botanical Garden,
(Teman Serasi Hawker)

Lao Song Huat Fishball Noodle 老松发鱼丸粿条面

Address: Serangoon Garden Food Centre,  Stall 14,  49A Serangoon Gardens Way (S) 555945

Operating Hours: 8am-10pm, close on every alternate Tuesday

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