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Lao Lee pig’s viscera pork rib’s prawn noodle 老李猪什排骨虾面

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Lao Lee pig’s viscera pork rib’s prawn noodle 老李猪什排骨虾面

The stall specialises in prawn noodles that serve with different toppings. Many types of toppings up to your preference, they offer pork rib, pork viscera, pig tails, handmade meat balls, pig intestine, pig liver & kidney etc.  We opted for the traditional dried prawn noodle and proven to be a good choice.

lau lee prawn mee 3

Lao Lee pig’s viscera pork rib’s prawn noodle

The prawn noodle was the traditional type but it was the zesty seasoning made the noodle outstanding; the noodle was a mixture of yellow noodle with mee hoon with a good texture, we love the taste as it brought back lots of childhood memories, this is one of the more authentic prawn noodles we have eaten so far, the soup base was sweet and savoury but not too much of fishy or prawny taste than some of the famous prawn noodle stalls. Overall it was just sinfully flavoursome.

lau lee prawn mee 2

lau lee prawn mee 4

Lao Lee pig’s viscera pork rib’s prawn noodle

Add: 137 Tampines Street 11, #01-43, Tampines Round Market and Food Centre

Hrs:  7am – 2pm

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  • Avatar Yamaha says:

    Average…soup is diluted compared to other prawn noodle outlets.
    There are better prawn noodles around
    It just tastes like prawn noodle.nothing special

  • Avatar Sunny Kong says:

    Yeah, Just your average prawn noodle, nothing to Die Hard for, Try the Kallang MRT station which is from another planet

  • Avatar TK says:

    We have tried the Kallang one as well and it is good. The Lao Lee standard may have dropped over the years.

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