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Lai Huat Signatures

Lai Huat Signatures @ China Street

Lai Huat Signatures seafood 1

Sambal fish is inextricably intertwined with Lai Huat Signature Seafood Restaurant; both are synonyms in the eyes of the diners. This is the dish bought Lai Huat seafood to the fame and a popular dish amongst the customers.

Lai Huat Signatures seafood 2

Cooked with the secret recipe which has been passes down from generations, the late Mr Lim Song Lai’s love for spicy food triggered him to concoct his first Singapore style Sambal Pomfret.  The sambal belachan with perfect flavours topped on the crispy deep-fried pomfret which is well-loved by many till now.

Lai Huat Signatures seafood 3

Famous Lai Huat Sambal Fish

 Lai Huat Signatures seafood 6

It is hard to left anything behind on the plate besides the bone once you sunk your teeth for the first bite this tantalizing dish. The sambal belachan was surprisingly not fiercely hot, the mild spiciness went very well for everyone on the table and it took all the limelight away from the deep-fried pomfret. It is a must order dish when visit Lai Huat Signature.

Fish maw soup
Lai Huat Signatures seafood 5

It was a pot of fish maw soup that filled with Omega3 and the skin vitamin collagen and not packed with the starch, a simple dish that is unpretentious and hearty.

Kong Bak Pau
Lai Huat Signatures seafood 7

Munched the slice of pork belly sandwiched in between the pillowy bun is always the best to enjoy this delicacy. However, the seasoning could be more intense to give it more layers of robustness and bold flavour.

Lai Huat Signatures seafood 10

Sweet and Sour Pork
Lai Huat Signatures seafood 8

A dish is undisputedly one of the most ordered dish from any of the Chinese restaurant. Tenderly cubed pork was coated with the mouth-watering sweet and sour sauce, a delectable dish hard to go wrong.

Prawn Paste Chicken wings
Lai Huat Signatures seafood 11

Succulent chicken mid-wings fried in a savoury batter of prawn paste to give it a distinct flavour. Tastebuds can easily succumb to this Juicy chicken wings and the fragrant prawn paste.

Crispy Baby Squid
Lai Huat Signatures seafood 12

Crispy fried baby squid was deep fry until golden brown and stirred fry with sauce to produce a nice caramelized coating, the crispiness of this tiny sea creature was simply alluring and hard to resist.

Macadamia Nuts w/Seasonal vegetable
Lai Huat Signatures seafood 13

Poached Prawn
Lai Huat Signatures seafood 9

Fresh prawn steamed with soy sauce, we can truly enjoy the sweetness and freshness of the prawn.

Prawn Roll
Lai Huat Signatures seafood 14

The prawn roll or wu xiang was not filled with starch but genius meaty ingredients with chucks of water chest nuts for the extra crunchiness; we can fully appreciate the bold flavour of the filling and deserved some connoisseur praises.

Desserts: Yam Paste (not part of the buffet)

This traditional Teochew dessert never disappoint us, the fragrance of this mashed staple tuber vegetables when cooked with oil and sugar, can be extremely additive. We just have to find some space in the already stretched stomachs to stuff this dessert.

Appetiser:  Achar
Lai Huat Signatures seafood 4

Lai Huat Signatures Our Verdict :

Lai Huat Signature is now offering the All-You-Can-Eat buffet at only $28.80++, you can enjoy more than 20 over dishes from the menu and eat your heart out. The splendid selection of scrumptious delights will create some lasting finishing on the tongue and the winning formula for Lai Huat Signature.

Note: Thanks Lai Huat Signatures for the invitation

Lai Huat Signatures @ China Street

Address: 23 China Street, Singapore 049565

Telephone: 6636 3828

Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5pm – 10pm

Website: www.laihuatsignatures.com

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