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Lai Heng Fried Kuay Teow & Cooked Food 来兴炒粿条熟食

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Lai Heng Fried Kuay Teow & Cooked Food  来兴炒粿条。熟

It’s been a while since we last visited Shun Fu food centre, where Lai Heng is located – if memory serves me right, it’s been more than ten years! Admittedly, Shun Fu isn’t really known as a destination for good food, so we haven’t had any reason to make the trip here – at least till last weekend, when our food scouting around the Thomson area brought us into the vicinity.

And as it happens, Shun Fu’s most popular stall is this particular fried Kuay Teow stall – so we decided there was no better time than to give it a try.

(From what we know, Shun Fu was built in the mid 80’s to house the Lakeview Market and Food Centre, and by now, the Market and Food Centre has become a little run down – sometimes, you just cannot deny that a more pleasant ambiance could really improve the eating experience!)

lai heng fried kway teow 1

We ordered the $3 serving with a stick of Otak since we love this coconut leaf wrapped fish meat as well. Lai Heng claims their Char Kway Teow is a healthier version. So, what exactly is considered the healthier version of this greasy dish? The first impression we had of the fried kway Teow was very wet and oily, which didn’t help their claim much.

lai heng fried kway teow 3

But apparently, Lai Heng’s version doesn’t include pork lard, replaced instead by the healthier vegetable oil. However, there’s definitely a trade off in taste – pork lard is an ingredient that somehow has the magical power to give kway teow an extra punch, and without it, the taste just isn’t elevated to the heights it could be.

This plate of kway teow thus was much lacking in fragrance; the overdosing of the sweet sauce further masked the usual charred flavour we’ve come to expect from this dish. In our opinion,  while we do like the idea of a healthier fried kway Teow, we do still like it to be more flavourful, (and definitely less oily) – perhaps more garnishings like garlic, eggs and more veggies could be added to achieve a more balanced taste.
lai heng fried kway teow 4

How about the Otah? Quite a unique combination to go with Fried Kway Teow, luckily, the Otah has the right texture with generous mackerel flakes; seasoning was fragrant. We like it.

Overall, we can’t expect the same standard of Lai Heng fried kway Teow as we do from the top best fried kway teow that we have identified so far. However, if you are not too picky and are just looking for a plate to fill your stomach, Lai Heng can still be a good option.
lai heng fried kway teow 2


Lai Heng Fried Kuay Teow & Cooked Food  来兴炒粿条。熟

Shunfu Mart, 320 Shunfu Road #02-20 Singapore 570320

Tue to Sun: 11am – 10pm, Closed on Mondays



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