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Lagoon carrot cake 人工湖萝卜糕

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Lagoon Carrot Cake 人工湖萝卜糕

What is considered a real good carrot cake? Our top four requirements:

  1. Carrot must have the right texture and softness.
  2. Carrot must have the right seasoning and distinct white radish taste.
  3. Crispy exterior but soft with right moist interior.
  4. Generous portion of eggs

My family likes both the white and black versions but more inclined to the white type. At least, we can truly enjoy the fragrance of the white radish and not to be masked by the sweet sauce for the Fried black carrot cake.

Likewise, fried carrot cake is one of the top favorites for my son and a must eat dish for him if happened there is a good one around, the myriad gastronomy experience with the carrot cake has helped him to develop a set fastidious expectations for this creation.

Lagoon Carrot Cake

lagoon carrot cake 3

“Wow..Damn good!” was the first response when he had the first bite of the Lagoon carrot cake, objectively, we all share the same sentiment that Lagoon Carrot Cake has fulfilled much of our top four good and nice criteria for carrot cake, it has the right texture and softness, great seasoning and white radish taste, Crispy exterior but soft with right moist interior as well as generous portion of eggs.

lagoon carrot cake 1

This is one of the real good one in Singapore. We slurped up a sizable plate of the carrot cake and made our way back to the stall for a second serving…glutton family… always.

lagoon carrot cake 2

Fried Carrot Cake

Lagoon carrot cake

Address: East Coast Lagoon Food Village, 220 East Coast Parkway, #40 East Coast Park.

Operating Hours: 11.30am-11pm (opens at 8.30am on weekends and public holidays)


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