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[CLOSED] Lab Made Ice Cream – Singapore

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What is so special about Lab Made Ice Cream? The famous Hong Kong originated ice cream comes with numerous accolades worldwide, winning various awards at home and abroad. To name a few:

  • La Commanderie Des Cordons Bleus De France And Ghm 法国蓝带美食协会 Recommendation Restaurant 2014and Best Dessert Shop Awards 2014 and 2015
  • Weekend Weekly – Best Ever Dessert Awards 2014
  • Crave Magazine – Bites of Distinction Award
  • Cosmo Campus – U Favourite Ice-cream Shop 2015
  •  U Magazine – U Favourite Food Awards 2015
  • and more….

Wow… is hard to resist the temptation with so many rave reviews. Lab Made differentiates themselves from other ice cream shops with its emphasis on freshness. All their ice creams are made on the spot from scratch, using real, fresh, quality ingredients so there’s no need for additives, colourings or preservatives.

According to Lab made, commercially fresh made ice creams need at least 10 minutes to prepare. However, the longer it takes to freeze the ice cream, the bigger the ice crystals are formed and larger crystal size somehow affects the texture of the ice cream thus compromising the smoothness of a premium ice cream. At Lab Made, it takes about 60 seconds to freeze the ice cream with the use of extremely cold liquid nitrogen at -196℃, the rapid freezing results in smaller ice crystals and that gives you the smoothest and creamiest ice cream.

Lab Made making your ice cream to order means they are never stored in a freezer and retain their fresh, intense flavours.

They may not offer a wide range of choices for the ice cream, however, Lab Made’s limited flavours allow them to focus and provide the best quality ice cream to customers. There are three flavours to choose from and everything is done on the spot.

Lab Made HK French Toast ($6.90)

lab Made HK French Toast

Lab Made ice cream does indeed live up to the name with its fine and smooth texture, the French toast topping and the honey doused over married perfectly with the cup of ice cream.

Lab Made Crunchy Sea Salt and Caramel ($6.90)

lab Made 3 sea salt caramel

The slight saltiness of the sea salt complemented well with the sweetness of caramel and ice cream, it was a perfect match and simply good.

Lab Made Salted Egg Flavour ($6.90)

lab Made salted egg ice cream

Lab Made does not keep the menu fixed but switches the flavour periodically, bringing new flavours to entice ice cream lovers. Salted egg flavoured ice cream is a revolutionary creation by infusing the salted egg into the ice cream! The contradiction of savoury and sweetness just finds a sweet spot although the salted egg flavour was very mild and slightly overshadowed by the vanilla flavoured ice cream.

Our Verdict

It is easy to find ice cream shops but if you’re an ice cream lover looking for quality ice cream, Lab Made at Westgate undoubtedly is one of the top choices. You can be assured not just of the experience of their unique creations, but also to enjoy a cup of truly fresh, smooth and creamy dessert.

A: 3 Gateway Drive L2-K3 Westgate Singapore 608532

H: 12:00pm – 09:00pm daily


 Thanks Lab Made Ice Cream for the invite.



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