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Kinsa Sushi Singapore – Purple Rice Mosaic Sushi Xmas Special

Kinsa Sushi Singapore – Purple Rice Mosaic Sushi


Sushi has always been classified as healthy food. At Kinsa Sushi Singapore, the traditional Japanese white short grain rice sushi is further twisted with a newbie – the Purple rice or Forbidden rice, reserved for only the emperor & nobles in ancient China. Possessing the exact benefits of brown rice, purple rice contains a large amount of anthocyanin antioxidants, and studies have demonstrated that consuming black rice can help to detox the body and cleanse the liver of harmful toxic build-up. Kinsa Sushi fuses the benefits of purple rice with Japanese cuisine to bring about a revolution of urban chic.  

Black Beauty ($15.80) 


It is more a Purple Beauty than Black Beauty, the rice has a deep black color and usually turns deep purple when cooked. Its dark purple color is primarily due to its anthocyanin content and used on sushi is a clever innovation to bring another dimension to the culinary art. The mild nutty taste of the rice blended well with the topping and has not relegated the status of the sushi. 


Salmon mentai maki ($16.80)


Tantalizing Salmon with Mentaiko and roe have already provided a high level of assurance to the purple sushi rice.

Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Kamameshi ($26.80)  


A twist to the signature Wagyu Don, Kinsa Sushi brings to you  “Wagyu Kamameshi”  This version of Wagyu Don offers a savory option to the usual teriyaki based Wagyu Don. Using purple rice, cooked in Japanese kettle pot – the Wagyu Kamameshi finishes with a more full-bodied roast.


The fragrant rice is then topped with the familiar taste of medium seared Kagoshima A4 Wagyu with an onsen egg. Which is better? The teriyaki based Wagyu Don is somehow closer to our hearts.

Kinsa Mosaic Sushi ($38.80)  


The rendition of mosaic sushi #Kinsamosaic, valid for a limited launch during Xmas from 1 Nov to 31 Dec 2016. Kinsa Mosiac Xmas Set showcases the beauty of mosaic sushi along with other hot favs from Kinsa Sushi Singapore throughout this festive period.


– Mosaic Sushi

– Lobster salad

– Soba tempura

– Soft Shell crab

– Fried oyster

– Pumpkin croquette

– Century tofu

– Miyazaki mocha


The Xmas set provides a good combination of the sushi and tempura complemented with the imported Miyazaki mochi, though the sushi tends to be a little too heavy with the purple rice packed the whole sushi box. Overall, it is still a nice Xmas set for the festive period to enjoy with the family or friends.

Thanks Kinsa Sushi Singapore for the invite.

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