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Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 瓊南利潮洲粥

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 6

Havelock Road – a place where I used to visit during my childhood, this was where my beloved granny stayed few decades ago. Time flies, Grandma is gone and everything has changed so drastically that it left no trace of the foot print, a new look has completely taken over the familiar scene in my memory….

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 1

My trip back to Havelock Road was to search for one of the most famous Teochew porridge in town, Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge or better known as Havelock Teochew Porridge. As an authentic Teochew, the steaming hot classic comfort food is close to my heart. A bowl of watery porridge and a few simple dishes can always be so satisfying.

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 5

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge is one of the seven restaurants located at the ground floor of the the HDB block. Interestingly, most of them are serving Teochew food as well, so if you are craving for some Teochew food, you have plenty of choices here. Back to the food, we opted for the following dishes to go with the porridge:

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 2

Assam Ikan Terubok 刺壳魚 $10.0

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 12

Ikan Terubuk – also known as toli shad or Chinese herring, is a bony fish cooked with assam and preserved vegetable for more than ten hours. The long hours of cooking helped to soften the bone and you can eat it without worrying that the bone will get stuck in your throat, very similar to eating canned sardines fish.

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 2

Kheng Nan Lee Teochew Porridge is heavy-handed with assam in this dish. The sourness from the assam was way too overwhelming and texture of the fish was hard. Seriously, we don’t really know how to appreciate this dish.

Braised Duck $10.0

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 11

Teochews usually handle braised duck well, and the sliced braised duck was tender and flavourful.

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 3

Mixed Cabbage $3.0

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 10

The cabbage was cooked with vermicelli and according to the lady boss, no seasoning was added so the taste was purely from the sweetness from the cabbage during cooking. We do not know if this is the spirit of keeping the taste original or for health reasons? But for a more vibrant taste, can add a little salt next time?

Beancurd skin $4.0

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 9

Braised beancurd skin has to be soft, and the ones here fit the bill.

Hae Bee Hiam (Spicy Dried Shrimp Sambal) $4.0

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 14

The Hae Bee Hiam or Spicy Dried Shrimp Sambal is a must order for us whenever the dish is on the display. The Hae Bee Hiam here leaned more towards the less common brown colour compared to the usual chili red we are used to. Not too appealing at first but taste-wise was surprisingly good. It will be ideal if the sugar level can be reduced and spiced up for this versatile condiment dish.

Fish cake $4.0

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 8

The fish cake has a unique soft texture compared to the firm and bouncy fishcakes we eat elsewhere. We were told it was intended by them to make the fishcake soft to differentiate themselves from others. They used only 100 percent fish paste without adding any flour and only light beating to maintain the texture. Taste is good while texture can be good or bad depending on personal preferences,

Chye Poh omelette $4.0

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 7

We like Chye Poh to be a medley of sweet and salty. However, only saltiness was present and that resulted in a mediocre taste.

Stir-fried Leek $3.0

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 13

Nice sweetness from the stir-fried leek.

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge 4

Our verdict

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge or Havelock Teochew Porridge does have some good dishes to go with the bowl of porridge. Prices may be on the higher side but it is definitely a good spot to savour some authentic Teochew dishes. It is also an ideal place for night-clubbers looking a place for supper with its late-night opening hours – till the early hours.

Kheng Nam Lee Teochew Porridge

A: 715/717 Havelock Road. Singapore 169643

T: 6272 9871

H: Fridays, Saturdays & Public Holidays from 11am to 5am; Sundays to Thursdays from 11am to 4am



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