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Keng Heng Teochew (Whampoa) Lor Mee Review (庆兴黃埔潮洲卤面)

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What is the difference between a Hokkien Lor Mee and Teochew Lor Mee? Or is that a difference at all? Seriously, from our research, there is no clear differentiation between the two. From the noodle used to the gravy and toppings, both Lor Mee are fairly similar. If there is a difference, perhaps the gravy of the Teochew Lor Mee is less starchy and gooey with a lighter seasoning compared to Hokkien Lor Mee.

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Keng Heng Teochew (Whampoa) Lor Mee is managed by an old couple, the stall was featured by Mediacorp “Our Makan Places: Lost & Found” recently and that triggered our tastebuds to explore the Teochew Lor Mee.

We ordered the $3 serving.

If you are not a friend of Chilli, you may like to request no Chilli or less chilli, the homemade Sambal Balachan chili has the power to tickle your tongue.

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The toppings came with slices of braised pork, fried fish skin, fried dumpling skin, Wu Xiang and fish cake. Noodle was a mixture of yellow noodle and white bee hoon.

The gravy was light in color if not the added black vinegar, slightly less gooey if compared to many other lor mee. First mouthful was an immediate affirmative response from its excellent taste; the gravy was smooth and extremely tantalizing with its perfect seasoning and stunning flavour.

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The noodles were fully absorbed the essence of the gravy, together with sambal chili, cut chili, black vinegar, diced garlic and chopped spring onion that further accentuated the flavour and making it one of the most coveted lor mee in Singapore.

Our verdict, Keng Heng Teochew (Whampoa) Lor Mee has all the substances of a great Lor Mee, the clinched of the King of Kings award (王中王) from the hawker center delicacies award comes with a reason and we fully support and acknowledge the achievements.

Keng Heng Teochew (Whampoa) Lor Mee 庆兴黃埔潮洲卤面
Add: 505 Beach Road #01-67 Golden Mile Food Centre Singapore 199583
Hrs: Mon – Sun 7.30am to 3.30pm, closed on Wednesdays

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