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KangLi Fish Soup – a gem unearthed 康丽鱼汤

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KangLi Fish Soup – a gem unearthed 康丽鱼汤

KangLi fish soup 1

We had patronized the stall several times in the past; the fish soup was slightly above average but not so much that able to create a deep impression in our memory.  This was a first time we returned to the stall after months, since we were looking for something healthier for the day.

The stall is not new to us and frankly we don’t expect surprises or have any high expectation, we were expecting the same fish soup, the same taste just we had months back. The stall is located in a renovated coffee shop, upgraded environment to provide a more pleasant dinning place for the customers.  Never ending queue is a common phenomenon at the stall, and we had our usual fish slice soup.

KangLi fish soup 5

We observed some changes, it was not a plain looking clear soup we used to in the past, the stall now provide deep fried egg fritter and it is free! You can add on few spoonful of the egg fritter to the soup to perk up the taste, a nice improvement we thought.

We dislike fish slice come with the skin intact, especially the fishiness lingering in between the taste buds from the layer of omega saturated fat. The stall didn’t score well previously partly attributed by the fact the fish skin was not removed. So, when we saw the fish slice free from the fish skin, we applause the stall owner for the small but important improvement. The fish slice was very fresh and the broth was somehow much tastier compared to the old time, the soup was inundated with the sweetness and garlicky fragrance from the finely chopped fried garlic bits. The flavoursome soup was so alluring that we slurped up to the entire bowl of soup to the last drop. What an impressive change! In the business world, continuous improvement is always the vital words and driving force for companies that thrive. Kangli fish soup has undoubtedly put it to their full advantage.   

KangLi fish soup 2

Seriously, we could be finicky but we got to admit it is an intricate task to find fault with the newfangled of the fish soup. The stall seems to have the recipe revamped substantially, their attentiveness and meticulous work in making every aspect of the fish soup to perfection is highly praiseworthy, needless to say, the chili sauce was remarkably impressive as well and the ensemble was well synchronized that makes our lunch here an unforgettable one.

Looking at the perpetual queue waiting patiently for the fish soup, we were glad they made the right choice. Kangli Fish Soup is a new gem that just unearthed; it is another success story of continuous improvement.  Well done Kangli.    

 KangLi fish soup 3

KangLi fish soup 4


Kangli Fish Soup 康丽鱼汤

Happy Hawkers Coffee Shop(Food Court)喜多福

Address: 132 Jurong Gateway Rd #01-271, SINGAPORE 600132


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