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Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House @ Bukit Timah

Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House @ Bukit Timah

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We visited the Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House at the secluded part of Bukit Timah road instead of the popular Thomson road outlet. Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House emphasises on the Kampong chicken which has its psychological effects from a marketing aspect, the association of tenderness, juiciness and less fatty oil with the “Kampong Chicken” has labeled the chicken as a premium class compared to those farm brew birds.

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Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House was generally has a smaller build in size, the cooked chickens have a distinct yellowish and paper-thin skin which has no discernible layer of underneath fat to cram up the extra calories.

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We ordered the chicken for two and a beansprout as side dish.

Chicken rice $9, rice $1.40 for 2 pax

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The rice was full of flavour from the essence of the chicken, each rice grain was nicely cooked, not lumpy and soggy, the fragrance of the rice was felt in the first mouthful of the bite and we almost fall in love with it.

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The small size kampong birds have its merit, tender, less fatty, juicy and succulent in taste. However, the setback with the Kampong chicken lies with its less meaty body, the plate of chicken meat somehow ran out before we could finish the rice, we have to dissect every slab of the bony chicken to salvage any pieces of the meat to go with the balanced rice, kind of pathetic we thought.

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We may be grumble about the “slimmed” chicken but we are equally impressed the meticulous details in the preparation of the food demonstrated by the Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House . Every dish served including the cabbage chicken soup was infused with the sweetness from the cabbage and fragrance from the chicken stock. Likewise the dipping chilli was professionally made to give the chicken the extra zestfulness.

Beansprouts $4

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The beansprouts was perfectly fried to attain the perfect crunchiness and juiceless, the dousing of the light sauce accentuated the overall taste and a side dish we highly recommend.

Our verdict, Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House is seriously can hold the head high challenging any of the reputable chicken rice outlets in Singapore. The lean chicken meat owning to the small birds may upset those prefer of chunky chicken meat, however, we cannot deny Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House is one of the places to go for quality chicken rice.

Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House 

Add: 17 Lorong Kilat #01-01 Kilat Court Singapore 598139

Tel: 6469 2121

Hrs: 10.30am – 8.30pm daily

Add: 255 Upper Thomas Road Singapore 574382

Tel: 6456 0698

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