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Kampong Carrot Cake 家乡菜头粿

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Kampong Carrot Cake 家乡菜头粿

Kampong Carrot Cake 3

We like the white version carrot cake for a simple reason, you can truly taste the radish flavour and not masked by the sweet sauce used on the black version of carrot cake. However, Knowing Kampong Carrot Cake is more popular for the black carrot cake; we decided to go for both.

The distinct difference of the Kampong Carrot cake came from the exceptional big chunk of the radish cake, unlike most of the carrot cake stalls, the radish cake are usually chopped into much smaller pieces while frying. Smaller chunks of radish cake have it advantage, it increases the area of the cake and enable the seasoning better interacted and coated on the cake to give a better flavour. So, when we saw the big chunk of radish cake, we was skeptical how well the taste going to be. Perhaps the owner wanted to emphasis the cake texture and allow the patrons better appreciating the cake or simply to retain the old Kampong style of frying the cake.


White Carrot Cake

Kampong Carrot Cake 2

Again, big chunk of radish cake fried with eggs and sprinkled with spring onion, banana leaf was used as base when served. Visually, most of the carrot cake was not covered by the eggs, may be the big chunk of the cake somehow made the eggs difficult to be spread evenly. Taste wise was quite ordinary and nothing to wow about.

Kampong Carrot Cake 6

The radish cake was soft but overall we don’t find the tastefulness and the white carrot cake was somehow falling short of our expectations.


Black Carrot Cake

Kampong Carrot Cake 4

The same big chunk of radish cake was fried with eggs and other seasoning sauces, of course, additional sweet sauce to blacken the cake. The only uniqueness of the black carrot cake from Kampong Carrot Cake perhaps lies with its nostalgia taste; the style and taste of this black radish cake very much give you the same feeling of eating the same fried Cai Tao Kueh along the road side’s stalls that perhaps can only be found in Malaysia now.

Kampong Carrot Cake 5

Eating the black carrot cake from Kampong Carrot Cake is not just on the taste but the feeling of attachment and sentiment values from the old Kampong spirit. Unfortunately, for the younger generations, it is simply a legacy that can only be imagined and unable to attest.

Kampong Carrot Cake 1

Kampong Carrot Cake 家乡菜头粿

Address: #02-53, Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre, Blk 30, Seng Poh road

Operating Hours: Tue–Sun: 7:00 – 23:00,  Mon: 7:00 – 15:00


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