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Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant

Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant @Orchard Hotel

Kam Boat Teochew Resturant

There is a distinct difference between the Cantonese and Teochew food, Cantonese food is popular for the taste highly emphasis on marination and seasoning to present the best, whereas the Teochew cuisine takes the freshness of ingredients and minimum seasoning to allow ones appreciate the natural flavour of the food as priority in cooking.

Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant is a classic Hong Kong Styled Teochew and Cantonese Cuisine restaurant serving the traditional dishes likes braised duck, cold crab etc and other Cantonese delicacies. A place to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Crab Meat Ball Or Wu Xiang $16

Kam Boat Teochew Resturant

The ingredients were finely mashed that you can’t feel the present of crunchiness from the seafood or water chestnut, too fine the mashing and its gave us the feeling of floury than present of quality ingredients.

Soya Sauce Chicken $9.8

Kam Boat Teochew Resturant

The soya sauce chicken was one of the best dishes of the dinner, juicy, tenderly meat and tantalizing taste with its great offer price at 9.80 for half of the chicken, this is a must eat dish here.

Boston Lobster Braised Ee-Fu Noodle $96

Kam Boat Teochew Resturant

The most expensive dish of our dinner, it has a mild and tamer twist on noodle, the sweet seafood concoction was compelling, this outlandish dish has both the dividers, some may think it could be more robust and others feel  its has the quintessential aroma of the lobster from its profusion of the flavours.

Stewed BitterGourd $16

Kam Boat Teochew Resturant

Seasoned minced meat was stuffed in the bittergourd and stewed with seafood sauce, the seasoning sauce helped to complement the meat well and a classic home cooked meal that fit within virtually any meal.

Egg With Cai Po $13

Kam Boat Teochew Resturant Egg with Cai Po

Chai po or preserved sweet and salted radish with spring onion were added to the eggs and pan fried, nothing can be more familiar for this simple and yet everyone favourite from our mum’s kitchen since young, best to go with a bowl of pipping hot porridge.

Fried Hor Fun $10

Kam Boat Teochew Resturant Fried Hor Fun

It resembles more like the typical fried kway teow without the dark sauce,  the flat noodle was fried with kai lan without any gravy that made the noodle much drier in the texture, the wok hei or smoky fragrance was evident, not too bad in my opinion but others think it was a bland and unadventurous dish.

Fried French Bean With Black Olive leaf $13

Kam Boat Teochew Resturant Fried French Bean with Black Olive leaf

French bean was fried with the typical Teochew preserved black olive, quite unique, it is an alluding favorite with an unobtrusive flavor, a relatively simple dish but important thing is that this dish work, it’s simple but scrumptious.

Taro Gingko Nuts $12

Kam Boat Teochew Resturant Taro Gingko Nuts

It was considered incomplete of the trip when visiting a Teochew restaurant without ordering the orh nee (yam paste). The classic Teochew dessert is famed for its perennial mashed yam flavour, the gingko nuts and coconut milk break the monotonous flavour, a satisfying dessert to end the dinner.

Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant Verdict :

Dishes at Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant may not be 100% authentic of the Teochew flavour but isn’t that part of the reality we ought to accept? What is good? Try the Soya Sauce Chicken and Fried French bean with Black Olive Leaf, both are the better one amongst all the dishes.

The waitress never failed to recommend their daily Hong Kong styled Dim Sum which seemingly popular among the “yam-cha” goers. The price is fairly reasonable and the special daily promotion comes with big discount, something worth trying next time.

Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant Details :

Address: 1 Tanglin Road, #01-13 Orchard Parade Hotel, Singapore 247905
Phone: 6733 6755
Operating Hours: Lunch Mon – Sat : 11.30am – 3pm, Lunch Sun / PH : 10am – 3pm, Dinner : 6pm – 10.30pm


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