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K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet, Singapore @ Orchard Central

K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet, Singapore @ Orchard Central

There’s just something visceral about sizzling meat on a hot grill – a communal meal to be enjoyed with friends, it’s no wonder that Korean BBQ is so popular. Along with K-pop, Kimchi and Bibimbap, BBQ is yet another export from Korea that has taken off in a big way around the world.

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 1

Located in Orchard Central, home to many good restaurants with long queues, K Cook Korean BBQ Buffet is no exception: with their attractively priced Eat-All-You-Can BBQ buffet, the queue to have a taste of this BBQ was a whopping one hour wait! Be forewarned: coming here with an empty stomach is not advisable.

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 2

K Cook Korean BBQ offers both indoor air-conditioned and open air sitting, with a huge LCD screen playing popular K pop MTVs in the open air area, entertaining its mostly young teenage customer base.

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 3

Here’s how the buffet area is organized:

Side dish corner features typical Korean Kimchi, Korean Rice cake, Chicken wings, Fried Vermicelli or Glass Noodles, Tofu soup, Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Bossam boiled Pork with Herb and plain rice etc

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 6

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 5

Salad corner serves the usual green salad, fruits and mashed potatoes.

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 4

The real McCoy is the main corner with an array of different meats, from the Beef Plate Eye, Marinated Beef Ribeye, Beef Shortrib, Pork, Chicken, Beef Bulgogoi & Chicken Bulgogi, seafood – mainly prawn and squid. Accompanied by Korean dipping sauce, garlic, lettuce, onion and pickled redish etc.

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 14

Soft drinks and plain water are the two choices for drinks.

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 7

First of all, K Cook Korean BBQ Buffet is created for those who love meat – the whole point of BBQ. So health buffs, don’t come here expecting too much healthy fare!

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 8

We started off having a taste of all the side dishes; the Kimchi was one of the dishes that stood out amongst all, the freshness of the vegetable, perfect sweetness and spiciness. Be it the traditional cabbage-based Kimchi or the rarer onion Kimchi, it was a thumbs up from all of us. The other side dishes were pretty average.

Salad was the usual green veggies and cherry tomatoes; you can have sweet and sour sauce or pineapple sauce as seasoning. Fruit cocktail and limited choices of cut fruits with mashed potatoes to complete the meal.

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 9

BBQ meat and seafood are the stars here – the meats were tender, fresh and well seasoned. Prawn and squid were the only two seafood items available. What a heavenly smell when the meat hit the grill!

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 12

The interesting part of eating Korean BBQ is not just the taste of the meat, but also how you can wrap it with lettuce leaves, making for a much more fun eating experience.

K cook Korean BBQ buffet 13

Unfortunately we didn’t enjoy our entire BBQ experience; nothing to do with the food quality, but the weather played a prank on us. The table we were given had no extended shelter and guess what happened? As we started our BBQ, the sky turned orangey followed shortly by a heavy downpour, and the strong winds brought the rain directly to our table. We couldn’t change our seats, what with a fully packed room and limited space to move our table – in the end we had extra sky juice added into our food!

Our verdict, with the affordable pricing and the variety of BBQ meat available, K Cook BBQ Buffet is a natural magnet for youth and young adults looking for a good place to chill at night.

Lunch Adult Mon to Fri (11.30 – 15.00) S$14.9++, Sat, Sun, Eve PH&PH (11.30 – 17.00) S$24.9++

Lunch Child (4 – 12 years) Mon to Fri (11.30 – 15.00) S$8.9++, Sat, Sun, Eve PH&PH (11.30 – 17.00) S$18.9++

Dinner Adult Mon to Thurs (17.30 – 22.00) S$24.9++, Fri, Sat, Sun, Eve PH&PH (17.00 – 22.00) S$26.9++

Dinner Child (4 – 12 years) Mon to Thurs  (17.30 – 22.00) S$18.9++, Fri, Sat, Sun, Eve PH&PH (17.00 – 22.00) S$18.9++


K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet, Singapore @ Orchard Central

Add: #07-01, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238895

Tel: 6884 7282

Hrs: Daily: 11:00 – 22:00




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