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Jubilee Coffee House & Bar Singapore Changi Review

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jubilee coffee house

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Jubilee Coffee House & Bar Singapore Changi Review

It was once a bungalow for the rich and it is now a cafe reminiscent of the 60s. The nostalgia and laid-back ambience are palpable at the cafe.
There is a Morris vintage car parked at the porch of the two-story bungalow, surrounding the house is the lush greenery along the quiet end of Changi Netheravon Road, a rare piece of nature much retaining old charm.
Stepping into the cafe, the pieces of antiques are filled every corner telling you the stories of our heritage. Oldies were playing, whispering the old past and for a moment, the time has changed.
Food is not all western but includes a good choice of local delights.
Battered Otah Stick
Battered Otah stick is something unique, Otah sticks were coated and deep-fried to achieve a crisp coating and tender Otah meat. The overall flavour is acceptable though the Otah flavour may not be too distinct.
Pork curry rice 18
Battered pork chop was beautifully done, breaded crust and tender meat served with rice, egg and a bowl of curry. The curry was rich and perhaps too rich that it turned cloying easily, which does not necessarily equate to bold flavour. The curry was in fact missing the good curry aroma.
Prawn Aglio Olio 16
Dry dry dry.. Spaghetti was a little undercooked and texture was a tad too hard and dry. Prawns were way overcooked and lost too much of the moisture, so, everything apparently succumbed to dryness. Good seasoning was probably the only consolation with this dish.
Ter Kar Bee Hoon 15
The bee hoon traditional fried with canned pork knuckle and served dry. However, Jubilee Coffee House and Bar chose to be different with its wet version of Ter Kar Bee Hoon.
Besides the pork knuckle, the bee hoon was simmered with the special sauce and a touch of wine to elevate the flavour. Among the main course, this dish is the most well received by all of us.
Chendol 7
Fairly good Chendol imbued with right sweetness and the fragrance of gula Melaka. We wish the shaved ice could be snow fine texture instead of being so coarse and rough.
Tiramisu 8
Pastries and cakes may not be their specialty, it was nothing too exciting to talk about.
Tofu Chez Cake 8
Tofu? Cheese? If you expect a cake packed with cheesy flavour, then forget about ordering the dessert. The cheese was very light that it tastes quite bland just like the tofu.
Our verdict 
At Jubilee Coffee House and Bar, food may not be the main attraction. You are here for a different experience, to listen to the oldies, enjoy a moment of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and immerse in the lush greenery. Just spending a wonderful time with your loved ones over the meal, some small talk, what else can be more fulfilling?
Jubilee Coffee House and Bar
A: 580 Netheravon Road. Singapore 508516
H: Mon-Thurs 10.30am to 12am, Sat 9.30am to 1am, Sun / PH 9.30am to 10.30pm
T: 65 65430060


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