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Ju Hao La Mian Xiao Long Bao 聚豪拉面小笼包

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Ju Hao Lamian.Xiao Long Bao 聚豪拉面小笼包

Ju Hao Lamian.Xiao Long Bao 3

It was not our intention to order Xiao Long Bao (Chinese dumplings) at first place; however, knowing this is one of our chubby boy favorites, and with his imploring request and beseeching expression, we gave in and we had a tray of xiao Long Bao and pan fried dumpling on our table.


Xiao Long Bao (Chinese dumplings) ($5.50 for 8 pieces)

Ju Hao Lamian.Xiao Long Bao 5

The Shanghai Xiao Long Bao is a craftsmanship of the master chef from China, the bao’s skin was not as thin as what we expect from a good dumpling. However, thicker skin is a lot easier to wrap the content and of course not easily tear when picking up the dumpling from the tray by the chopstick; we all know that the essence of the whole dumpling comes from the broth trapped within the dumpling, a dumpling without the juices intact will make the enjoyment of the truth dumpling a big discount. The broth completely absorbed the sweetness from the meat and the seasoning, making the juice a succulent taste in the first bite.

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The Xiao Long Bao was packed with pork meat and the amount was more generous than many of other stalls, the meat was fresh and we can taste the savoury flavour of the meat from the balanced seasoning. Overall, Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao is surprisingly impressive with it quality though the thickness of the bao skin could be further improved.         


Pan Fried Dumplings ($5.00 for 12 pieces)

Ju Hao Lamian.Xiao Long Bao 2

The pan fried dumplings were stuffed with minced pork and Chinese chives; the content was slightly on the dry side and seasoning more on the light touch. Dumpling skin was thin but not as charred as what we expected. Compared to one of our favorites pan fried dumpling from Fong Kee Delicacies, Ju Hao pan fried dumplings has a big gap to close.

 Ju Hao Lamian.Xiao Long Bao 6

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Ju Hao La Mian Xiao Long Bao聚豪拉面小笼包

Address: Lavender Food Square, Blk 380 Jalan Besar, #01-29

Opening hours: Daily 11:00am-11:00pm


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  • Avatar Derek says:

    Is this the first Juhao Xiao long bao stall? Now I could see juhao in most shopping malls like amks, nex. Just to check if this stall is still open or already closed. Would love to make a trip down.

  • Avatar TK says:

    Unfortunately we have no chance to verify the rest of the stalls 🙁 The one we reviewed already relocated due to redevelopment of the site and have no ides about the new location, keep us update if anyone knows where they are now. Thanks

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