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Joe and Dough Review

We first caught wind of Joe & Dough from Shirley’s Instagram (@littlemissbento), whereby she was raving about how fresh the sandwiches at Joe & Dough were, and that they were all hand baked and roasted upon order! If that’s not attractive enough, we found out that Joe & Dough is a local enterprise; needless to say, we’re sold.

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Off we went to the outlet at Kallang Leisure Park, the theme of the coffeehouse was very much earthy with wood furniture and coffee related decals adorned the walls.

Bacon Mushroom Melt ($8.20)

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Bread was soft and fluffy, with juicy mushroom and bacon bits topped with melted cheese to bring the whole sandwich together.

Cajun Chicken ($7.80)

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The favourite of my mum and little brother, they fell in love with how tender and tasty the chicken was. The bread once again didn’t disappoint!

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Spicy Surimi Crab ($8.50)

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I once had something similar at Paris Baguette, but instead of a sandwich it was in the form of a roll. The Spicy Surimi Crab sandwich was overflowing with its filling and its mayo, this was my personal favourite as it resembled a lobster roll, but with mock meat. The sesame on the bread gave it the extra flavour too!

Potato Leek ($3.50, or $3.00 with Sandwich)

joe and dough 3

Soup was thick with potatoes but that’s about it, taste wise it wasn’t very fragrant.

Iced Monbana Choco ($5.60)

joe and dough 9

Cocoa was prominent and the drink wasn’t too sweet.

Cafe Mocha ($5.40)

joe and dough 8

Smooth coffee that we recommend.

All in all, there is no shortage of sandwich house around, but keeping the stomach filled and at the same time enjoyed by the taste buds is absolutely two different stories. Glad to say that at Joe and Dough, it fulfilled both of the expectations; we enjoyed what we had at Joe & Dough even better than those reputable coffee chains out there!

Joe and Dough
Refer to website for the outlets:

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