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Jing Long Seafood Restaurant 金隆海鲜菜馆

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant 金隆海鲜菜馆

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant started with a zi char stall operating out of a coffee shop in Bedok. Over the years, Jing Long seafood has made its name around Bedok and few years ago expanded their business into a full-fledged restaurant to provide a clean and comfortable air conditioned environment for their growing customers. My family has been patronizing the stall and now restaurant since its early day, visiting a few times a year for a simple lunch or dinner with my family, or even celebrating various occasions. If there is a simple reason to explain what keeps us coming back, it is the good food and value for money that has won over our hearts.

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The recent visit we decided to try their set menu with additional A-la-carte dishes.

干贝带子烧卖拼泰味鱼皮 Siew Mai & Thai Style Fish Skin

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The siew mai included fresh scallops, and the fish skin was deep fried to make it crispy and topped with strips of fruits and pumpkin. While the presentation was attractive, the taste was ordinary.

青衣鱼肉烩勾仔翅 Green Wrasse Fish meat w/Shark’s Fin

jing long 3

Well braised green wrasse fish meat with no overdose of starch, unlike some restaurants, the shark fin here was visible and a tasty soup overall.

香脆菜莆炸顺壳 Soon Hock w/Crispy Salted Turnips

A good deep fried Soon Hock must not be too hard and the meat too tough that its hard to get at its flesh. The Soon Hock by Jin Long was nicely fried to perfection, with a topping of salted turnip and dark sauce; we gnawed the fish from head to tail, leaving only the fish skeleton.

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红烧原粒南非鲍 Braised Abalone

The braised abalone was not an easy food to cook well if the chef lacks proper know-how, the abalone can become rubbery and unappealing, however, Jin Long’s chef has obviously mastered this, as the abalone was cooked to a good texture that was tender and not elastic, delicious.

jing long 5

干煎鼓油皇生虾 Fried Prawn w/Bean Sauce

The grilled big prawns were doused with some special sauce and made it really tasty, the prawn very much retained its juiciness and bouncy texture, this is a must try.

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杏片咖啡焗子排 Coffee Pork Ribs

One of the chef’s recommendations and the restaurant signature dish, the coffee blended very well with the pork, we love the tenderness and softness of the pork with the slight crisp on the exterior. It was simply scrumptious.

jing long 9

金针双菇滑豆腐 Two Style Mushroom w/Beancurd

The Enoki was deep fried to achieve a crispness and was tossed over the house made beancurd, with the sauce doused over the beancurd, it made for an innovative and flavourful creation by the chef.

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Crispy egg plant with French bean (A-la-carte)

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The egg plant was coated with flour and deep fried to keep the exterior crisp but soft in interior. Fried with French bean, it was an average dish.

Asparagus with mushroom (A-la-carte)

jing long 14

Nothing much to comment, an average standard dish.

Braised duck with sea cucumber (A-la-carte)

jing long 7

This is a real star of the restaurant, a dish that we definitely order whatever we visit the restaurant, After trying many braised duck with cucumber in Singapore, we daresay that Jin Long perhaps has the best or one of the very best, the gravy was perfectly seasoned to make the soft and tender braised duck taste so scrumptious that you will dream about it all the time, a truly good dish that the chef has mastered. It is a dish you should not miss.

jing long 11

Besides the good food and value for money, the service crew are well mannered and polite, they do understand the importance of good service and we believe this is another reason you’ll find us coming back here often.

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Jing Long Seafood Restaurant 金隆海鲜菜馆

Address: Block 412 Bedok North Avenue 2, Singapore 460412 Tel: 6442 9398

Operating Hours: Saturday hours 11:30 am–2:30 pm, 5:30 pm–10:30 pm




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