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REVIEW: Jing Hua Xiao Chi Singapore 京华小吃

Jing Hua Xiao Chi – One of the best dumplings around jing-hua-xiao-chi-11

Xiao long bao (Chinese dumplings) and pan-fried dumplings are the top favorites of my son. He was elated when we told him the plan to visit one of the best xiao long bao and pan-fried dumplings – Jing Hua Xiao Chi 京华小吃 


We chose the Neil Road outlet which is the birth place of Jing Hua Xiao Chi, if anything has to be the best, it has to be the mothership. 

Boiled Dumplings 三鲜饺子jing-hua-xiao-chi-8

The filling was simple, minced pork, Chinese chives and may be egg or prawns (it was so finely minced it was no longer distinct). The boiled dumplings were juicy and tasty, the skin was chewy and not too thick, avoiding the rubbery texture that a thicker skin would impart. Not too bad for boiled dumplings. 

Xiao Long Bao 小笼包jing-hua-xiao-chi-6

Jing Hua Xiao Chi gained its fame from its famous xiao long bao, however, we could not fully appreciate the goodness of a good xiao long bao here. Though the content under the wrap was juicy, the seasoning was somehow more tame than what we expected. Overall Jing Hua Xiao Chi’s xiao long bao may be acceptable but we feel that we have tasted better.



Pan-fried Dumplings 煎饺 jing-hua-xiao-chi-9

If we have to pick the best from Jing Hua Xiao Chi, pan-fried dumpling was undoubtedly garnered all our supporting votes.


The dumplings are different from the traditional closed end dumplings, the pan-fried dumpling are folded to leave both ends open. The filling was similar to the boiled dumplings, with a slight crispiness on the skin and a nice texture. The flavourful filling was such a temptation that our chopsticks were moving back and forth non-stop to gobble down plates of dumplings. One of the best pan fried dumplings for sure.

Chinese Pizzajing-hua-xiao-chi-4

Jing Hua Xiao Chi is smart enough to make use of the same fillings to create different versions of their specialty and Chinese pizza is one of them. The crispy crust is stuffed with the similar juicy filling made from vegetables and pork. Another nice dish that we enjoyed. 

Zha Jiang Noodles 炸酱面jing-hua-xiao-chi-1

The Northern Chinese wheat noodle was lavishly doused with zhajiang sauce that is made from ground pork with fermented soybean sauce and seasoning. The texture of the noodle was spot on and a quick stir of sauce with the noodle was followed by a non-stop slurping sound from the table.


 The crispy cucumber and bean sprouts add a refreshing contrast to the umami-laden sauce. 

Red Bean Pancake 豆沙锅饼jing-hua-xiao-chi-10

The Shanghai pancake is one of our favorites, the Chinese dessert has a crispy skin that goes well with the fragrant red bean paste. 


Our Verdict on Jing Hua Xiao Chi

If you are looking for real good dumplings, Jing Hua Xiao Chi is the place to go. The price is relatively high (>$70 for above with repeat orders for Pan-fried dumpling) for an eating house but perhaps this is the price you need to pay for quality food. 


21 Neil Road, Singapore 088814
 / Tel: +65 6221 3060

Bugis Village, 159 Rochor Road, Singapore 188434
 / Tel: +65 6337 7601

Palais Renaissance #B1-04/05
390 Orchard Road Singapore 238871 / 
Tel: +65 6733 8231

H :

Neil Road: 
Lunch from 11.30am to 3.00pm / 
Dinner from 5.30pm to 9.30pm / 
(Closed on Wednesdays)

Bugis Village: 
Lunch from 11.30am to 3.30pm 
Dinner from 5.30pm to 10.00pm 
/ All day weekends and public holidays

Palais Renaissance: 
Lunch from 11.30am to 3.30pm 
Dinner from 5.30pm to 10.00pm
 / All day weekends and public holidays



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