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Jin Hock Seafood – Zi Char Stall With a Thick Menu

Jin Hock Seafood 金福海鲜菜馆

Jin Hock Seafood – another popular zichar stall with outlets at Tampines, Ang Mo Kio and Chai Chee. We visited its Tampines outlet since this is their main branch and should be the benchmarking when come to food quality.

The zichar stall is located in a coffeeshop which is clean and airy during the evening dinner time, it was almost a full house when we arrived there shortly after 6pm on a weekend, a quick glance of the tables and most of the diners apparently patronised the food from Jin Hock Seafood, looks like Jin Hock Seafood has some good support from what we observed.

Jin Hock Seafood has a thick menu book with hundreds of dishes to choose from, this is scary and a big concern how the quality of the dishes can be managed with such an extensive menu. You can be lost what to pick but we decided to make things a little simple, we just went for their signature as well as our usual favorite dishes.

Double Flavoured Hor Fun ($15)

It is the signature dish here, the ordinary Hor Fun was topped with the deep fried crispy Hor Fun to provide the extra crispiness to the texture, other ingredients include sliced pork, seafood with veggies.

The crispy hor fun tasted bland and not adding any flavour to the hor fun besides the additional dimension of crispy texture when eating, overall taste of the dish was fairly ordinary. (3.0/5)

Crispy Deep Fried Pork with Garlic ($12/18/24)

Probably the best dish of the night among all the dishes we tried. The battered deep fried pork and cloves of garlic combination created a truly tantalising dish, the pork was crispy exteriorly but tender and moist inside, taste was further elevated with the infusion of the garlicky favour. We just love it! (4.3/5)

Fried Egg Plant with French Bean and Ngoh Hiang Platter ($24/36)

The Ngoh Hiang was a mediocre for its lacking the meaty flavour from the pork and shrimp, it could be too overwhelming with the flour or the inadequate in seasoning, the Ngoh Hiang though the texture was good but without the right Ngoh Hiang flavour, it is very much a featureless dish and just short of the marks overall.

The platter was a combination of Ngoh Hiang and Fried vegetables, the fried eggplant and French bean were deep fried with garlic, dried shrimp, diced prawns and chilli. Both the fried French beans and eggplant have a nice thin and crispy coating at the same time retained the tenderness of the eggplant and the crunchiness of the French bean, the veggies very much helped to make up the disappointment from the Ngoh Hiang. (3.0/5)

White Bee Hoon ($5/9/12/16)

The white bee hoon was cooked with prawns, cuttlefish, pork and eggs. The taste was fairly ordinary,  unable to create an impact that will make us think about coming back for this dish. (2.5/5)

Sliced Fish with ginger & spring onion ($12/18/24)

The sliced snake head was fresh with nice texture and flavour. (3.5/5)

Stir fried Chinese Chives & Bean Sprout ($12/18/24)

We like the stir-fried green veggies or Qing Long Cai which was fresh, crunchy and flavourful, a standard dish could hardly go wrong. (3.5/5)

Our verdict

Most of the dishes we tried are average in the standard, among all the dishes, we love the crispy deep fried pork with garlic the most, and this is a dish we will definitely order again if we are back here again.

Jin Hock Seafood

A: 844 Tampines Street 82, #01-131, Singapore 520844

H: Daily 12pm to 3pm and 4pm to 11:30pm

T: +65 6787 4255



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