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Japanese Sweets Collection

Japanese Sweets Collection

Japanese sweet collection 6

 The 10 days event featured the collection of all the famous and popular sweets from different parts of Japan to Singapore, some of which have never been sold here before, while others were specially flown in from Japan. If you have a sweet tooth, the candy and confectionery delights from the top notch Japanese brands will be a heaven to indulge yourselves in the sea of sweetness and savoury taste.


MILKISSIMO – Cup of Gelato   

MILKISSIMO gelato is made from high quality milk produced around Hakodate city and freshest ingredients from Hokkaido. The Gelatos are silky smooth with the right sweetness. Luckily, you have the next three months to experience this Gelato from Japan. So, do take the rare opportunity to have a taste of great Gelato from Japan.      


Japanese sweet collection 13Price: $6 (single scoop), $7.50 (double scoops), $9 (triple scoops)


Danish Bar – Crisp Sugar and Assortment    

Danish Bars and Danish Balls are available in three different flavours, Maple, Chocolate and Crunch Sugar, crisp on outside and flurry interior, topped with the finest Belgian sugar, a perfect snack for anyone.

Japanese sweet collection 1

Japanese sweet collection 2

Price: $12.50 (1 Large Box of Assorted Danishes)



MAQUI’S – Cracked Chocolate Block and Fresh Chocolate Roll  

An assortment of cracked chocolate block, made with high quality chocolates. It has a rich, smooth taste and texture and cracked into all sizes and shapes, it is unique and highly addictive. Another popular creation is the Fresh Chocolate Roll made from the finest Belgian chocolate, unfortunately, never got the chance to taste and can’t comment on the taste.

Japanese sweet collection 12

Price: $7.80 (100g) & $28 respectively                                                  


Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo Honma – Tama Doughnut

Created in Hokkaido, this is a bite-sized doughnut with red beans paste filling and sweet beans paste. Deep fried and coated with fine sugar. Slight crisp exterior and sweet but retains the chewiness of the dough.

Japanese sweet collection 4

Price: $6 for 5 pieces


Morihan – Matcha (Green Tea) Pudding and Cookies

The Matcha pudding is silkily smooth with a little bitter-sweet taste from the green tea. Come in power form and just add water, chill and ready to enjoy. They also have Matcha cookies made with the same premium quality green tea. It is fragrance but a little too dry.

Japanese sweet collection 20

Price: $4.30 for 1 pkt pudding powder, $2.60 for cookies                                    


Mariko No Sato – Matcha (Green Tea) Latte

This delicious Matcha latte by Mariko No Sato is made from Asahina matcha, we love the pleasant aroma from the green tea and the smoothness of the drink.

Japanese sweet collection 5

Price: $9.50 (1pkt)


Hattendo – Cream Bun                                                  

Made from the finest natural ingredients, this cream bun by Hattendo gives one a flavour burst of fresh cream. There are five flavours to choose from, namely custard, fresh cream, sweet beans paste, matcha (green tea) and chocolate. The cream bun is served chilled, the soft and great texture of the bun encrusted the salivating cream, a wonderful bun that you cannot miss.

Japanese sweet collection 14

Price: $3.80 (1pc)

Japanese sweet collection 19


Oimoyasan Koushin – Caramelised and Fried Sweet Potatoes

Two different sweet potato products are available here, fried in honey or butter and milk. The caramelised crisp exterior compliment well the softness and sweetness of the sweet potato, overall created an impressive snack from Japan.  

Japanese sweet collection 9

Price: $5 & $3 respectively



Doraemo’s favourite food alike dorayaki or the udgy pudgy pie,this soft dough waffle fills a cream-based flavour. There are different flavours available e.g. standard custard, fresh chocolate, sweet beans paste and matcha.


Price: $3.50 (1pc)


Tsujirihei Honten – Uji Matcha (Green Tea) Fresh Chocolate

The chocolate is mixed with Uji matcha (green tea) which is usually used in the production of bitter green tea, fresh cream and rich white chocolate. Japanese SAKE (rice wine) is added to intensify the flavour. We are kind of fall in love with it.

Japanese sweet collection 16

Price: $19.50 (18pcs)

Patisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris – Macarons, Demisecs and Bonbons Chocolat                                                                 

If Buku Buku Hour is the mascot for the Japanese Sweet Collection, AOKI is probably the symbol of Macarons in Japan. Highly raved about in Japan and Paris France, the Macarons use a combination of special selected ingredients to portray the best flavour and melt in the mouth effect. It is real good but good thing don’t come cheap, it is pricy and probably one of the most expensive Macarons we even come across, however, if this is viewed as one of the best Macarons in the world, its intrinsic worth and the quality substance may allow them to command a premium as well. We were told one Japanese woman bought 500 pieces of Macaron in one go during the first day of the event …we are bewildered the extend of the popularity.

Japanese sweet collection 7


Price: Macarons ($34 for 6pcs); Demisecs ($75 for 300g); Bonbons Chocolat ($25 for 3 pcs)

  Japanese sweet collection 8

If you enjoy Japanese pastries, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the savoury patisserie from Japanese Sweets Collection at Isetan Jurong East, Westgate, Super Market, Level B2, from March 14-23 2014. Only 10 days except the Gelato will be here for the next three months. So, Hurry.




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