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Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee @ Kallang 惹蘭蘇丹蝦麺 – Umami broth

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee @ Kallang 惹蘭蘇丹蝦麺 – Umami broth

Our original plan was to visit the Singapore best Kambing soup (Mutton soup) at Kallang but when we realised the stall was closed for a family event, we decided to head to the nearby Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee instead. As one of the candidates on our hunt for the best prawn mee in Singapore, it’s actually the 4th or 5th prawn mee shop we have visited in the last few weeks! Sounds crazy – and fast approaching saturation point, as what my two teens say, we’ll need to take a break after checking just a few more off our list.

Jalan Sultan Prawn mee 1

The shop occupies a corner shophouse along Jalan Ayer and is walking distance from Kallang MRT. Selling prawn mee can be big business – there were plenty of seats jam packed to maximize every inch of space. On a quick count, there were 10 workers all together serving customers, good business for a prawn mee shop indeed. Besides selling prawn mee and drinks, Ngoh Hiang is sold as a side order as well.

As usual, we ordered the dry and soup version.

The broth – soul of the prawn mee – was very distinct here, and the prawn flavour was a notch or two more intense than at many other prawn mee stalls, perhaps one of the strongest we have come across.

However, we do understand that the flavour in the broth intensifies as the day goes on, as the fresh prawns are cooked in the broth. We were there close to their closing time, and that may explain the robustness of the broth, that was bursting with a savory umami taste. On the other hand though, the broth may be too strong from the prawn taste, or could be a little too fishy for some.

Jalan Sultan Prawn mee 2

The $5 prawn mee came with small-sized prawns; and were sliced into half to facilitate eating. The prawns were fresh and sweet, yellow noodle and bee hoon was cooked to a good texture, not too soggy or under-cooked, the bee hoon was thicker than the ordinary thin bee hoon which is a better choice in our opinion, as we find that thicker bee hoon will soak up less of the broth.

We enjoyed the appetizing noodles immersed in mouthwatering soup, that was brimming with the sweetness of prawns and pork ribs. The prawns, although medium sized, are nevertheless fresh and tasty.

Jalan Sultan Prawn mee 4

The bowl of prawn noodle came with chili sauce for the dry version, topped with crispy lard and shallot oil, it was all at once tangy, mildly spiced and savory.  Eating the dry prawn mee, while drinking the rich and luscious broth redolent with prawn flavour, was a great experience.

Jalan Sultan Prawn mee 3

Prawn mee is perhaps one of the most expensive hawker foods you can find in Singapore, from a $5 bowl ordinary sized prawn mee to a whopping $20 for a bowl of mee that comes with giant prawns; the craze for it proves the popularity of this dish.

Jalan Sultan Prawn mee 5

Over at Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee, there seems to be no peak hours: the business continues to bustle from opening till they pull down their shutters.

Jalan Sultan Prawn mee 6

Do you think Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee can be qualify as one of the best prawn mee in Singapore? Not sure about you but in our opinion, we think so – especially if you’re a fan of rich and robust prawn broth like we are.

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee @ Kallang

Add: No 2 Jalan Ayer (Off Geylang Lor 1) Singapore 389141

Tel: 67482488

Hrs: 8am to 3.30pm (closed on Tuesdays)



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