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Istanbul Nasi Lemak – Bagus !

Friends have been raving about this Malay Nasi Lemak stall at Tampines and that tickled our tastebuds to do a review.

We had tried many Nasi Lemak stalls around include those famous one from Adam Food Centre or Changi Food Centre, however, we are not able to find one that is all rounded to produce a good quality and sumptuous plate of Nasi Lemak.

Istanbul Nasi Lemak 1

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Honestly speaking, we were a little skeptical about the stall how good can it be when we planned to do the review, first of all, the stall is housed in a seemingly dim coffeeshop, the front deck and food display are seriously can’t arose your appetite at well, there is nothing able to catch your attention or even the interest to have a furtive glance at it.

However, the reality turned against all odd, the uninterrupted queue has not been deceived by the setup, it is the idiom of “Don’t judge the book by the cover” has it meaning explicitly explained here. In fact, we are truly impressed with the Nasi Lemak here.

Istanbul Nasi Lemak 2

Good Nasi Lemak go beyond just tasty, it involves cooking every dish with the heart and soul, the attainment of high level satisfaction on any dish cannot be fulfilled without the three critical success elements – Visual, Fragrance and Taste. We are glad we found it here.

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Istanbul Nasi Lemak 3

You will be able to enjoy the fragrance from the coconut perfectly infused into every grain of the rice, the delicious minced meat with egg, beautifully fried chicken wing with nice crisp coating and juicy meat, perfectly fried Ikan bilis and the slightly sweet but not fiercely hot chili sauce. The combination was a respectable plate of Nasi Lemak that we have not come across from a long time.

We know for sure, the three Malay ladies will continue to operate behind this visually unattractive stall selling the salivating  Nasi Lemak, may be it is also the unattractive setup that allowed us have a chance to buy the Nasi Lemak before it was sold out by the throng of the crowd.

Craving for a good plate of Nasi Lemak? We found ours.

Istanbul Nasi Lemak (Halal)
Add: Blk 476 Tampines Street 44, Singapore 520476
Hrs: 8am – 1pm

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