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Irvin’s Live Seafood House – CLOSED PERMANENTLY

Irvin’s Live Seafood House (CLOSED PERMANENTLY)Irvin live seafood house 6

The restaurant has an interesting tagline – “The most handsome restaurant in Singapore.” Puzzle? Describe the restaurant as handsome is somewhat sound rather weird to us but knowing the boss is an Indonesian, you will understand why Handsomely good food come about. It is a slang in Iocal Indonesia when something is mouth-watering, they called it “ganteng” which meant handsome.

Looking at the signboard ones should know Irvin is specialized in seafood, that goes their popular signature dishes like the salted egg crab,  Braised claypot fishhead, salted egg coated potato chips etc.

Salted Egg Enoki Mushrooms $12.80

Irvin live seafood house 3

Enoki was coated with salted egg and flour, deep fried to golden brown. The fried Enoki was very crispy with a nice fragrance from the salted egg. It was so crispy that you can’t feel the present of the mushroom. The dish was additive and we are sure the kids will fall in love with it.

Irvin’s Braised Claypot fishhead (Chef Speciality) $38.00

Irvin live seafood house 5

The braised claypot fishhead was really big when served, The half fish head was crispy despite braised in a claypot, likely had gone through some oil fried before. The big pot was filled with plenty of cabbage, carrot, yam and other vegetable, this is the chef specialty and undeniable a very flavourful and mouth-watering dish that you should not miss with its reasonable price.   

Salted egg crab $18.00

Irvin live seafood house 7

Another signature dish from the restaurant, each crab cost merely $18.00 with reasonable size, of course, you can’t really expect they give you a Sri lanka crab at this price. The salted egg gravy was distinctively rich and flavourful with a good balance of sweet and saltiness. Curry leaves were added to further boost up the flavour. Though you probably can still find chunks of salted egg yolks in the gravy but overall, it meets and satisfies most of the taste buds around.

Black pepper crab $18.00

Irvin live seafood house 8

The black pepper crab was a tad of sweetness with less peppery flavour compared to most of the black pepper crab we had tried. We can’t doubt about the freshness of the crab as it was fished out from the tank live. At least, the crab meat was not glued to the shell or meaty.   

Salted fish fried rice $7.90

Irvin live seafood house 9

The fried rice was ordinary, the salted fish was raw and will be tasted much better if deep fried, seasoning could be further fine tuned to add more punch to the rice grains.

Baby Kailan in garlic sauce $12.90

Irvin live seafood house 10

Baby Kailan in garlic was average as no much fault to talk about for this dish.

Irvin live seafood house 2

From those dishes presented by the chef, Irvin live seafood does provides nice seafood dishes at a reasonable price. The vast choices on the menu could make you indecisive at time but going with the chef specialty and signature dishes would likely make your trip not regrettable. As what the tagline goes “Singapore’s Most Handsome Restaurant”.

Irvin live seafood house 1

Note: On behalf of, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Irvin’s Live Seafood House for the invitation to the food tasting session.

Irvin’s Live Seafood House (CLOSED PERMANENTLY)

Address: No. 4 Jalan Leban, Upper Thompson Road Singapore, 577548 (CLOSED)

Telephone: 6836-5020

Operating hours: 11am-11pm




  1. This restaurant has not been operating for so long and still on it. Do you do the homework ?

  2. Sorry for the failure to update the latest status, it is not possible for us to monitor more than 800 reviews regularly for any changes, we are very much rely on public to keep us update and appreciate your feedback in this case. Thanks


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