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Indochili Restaurant Singapore – Indonesian cuisine, Sedap!

Indochili Restaurant Singapore – Indonesian cuisine, Sedap!

Located along the shophouses just opposite the popular Zion road Food Centre, Indochili brings traditional and home-style authentic Indonesian cuisine to Singapore.

Indochili 2

Dark wooden timber dominates the interior; the tables, counter, partition and outdoor alfresco dining deck – all built with dark timber, a typical Javanese decor element.

Indochili 1

We were invited for food tasting by the restaurant and were given a cosy corner – sofa seats for extra comfort. The menu is comprehensive and that made making decisions difficult! We were fascinated by all the mouth-watering pictures of food and had to consciously remind ourselves not to over-order, as we dislike wasting food.

Indochili 3

Frape Choco S$7.80 / Avocado juice S$6.80

We started with a Frape Choco and a fresh avocado juice, which proved to be a great start to our meal. The drinks were perfectly blended with the right level of richness and sweetness, not at all cloying. A big thumbs up from all of us.

Indochili 4

Tahu Telor S$8.80

The tahu or the beancurd was cut into rectangle cubes and deep fried with Telor or eggs, doused with the popular Indonesia ABC sauce and topped with refreshing cucumber, bean sprout, carrot and crackers.

Indochili 6

While most Tahu Telor we’ve had have not been terribly memorable or impressive, with the Tahu either too hard or dry or lacking in flavour to make an impression, the one here was a lot more juicy and moist, without it being oily. One of the best ones we’ve had so far.

Indochili 9

Cah Kangkung S$8.80

The water spinach was fried with a special blend of chili and shrimp paste, not fiercely hot though a little on the saltier side. Overall, a pleasant dish.

Indochili 5

Rendang Sapi (Beef) S$9.80

Beef rendang was slow-cooked for at least 4 hours to attain its succulence and savoury taste. The spices and herbs were fully infused into the meat, beef was tender and we could fully appreciate the delicacy of this dish.

Indochili 7

Combo Bakarak S$42.80

An array of seafood, including black pomfret, squid and king prawns as well as satay and chicken were seasoned and grilled to perfection. The satay peanut gravy was luscious though the squid was a little too thick to cut and chew.

Indochili 8

Yellow rice is of good quality rice with a tad of turmeric and coconut aroma. It went extremely well with all the dishes.

Es Delima (Thai red ruby?)

We were a little surprised to find Thai red ruby dessert in an authentic Indonesian restaurant. (Is it traditionally an Indonesian dessert too?) Anyway, the dessert was not too sweet, which we liked; the fine shredded ice, fresh coconut strips and jack fruit topping complemented the overall taste. The only drawback was the lumpiness of the red ruby, they stuck to each other and was the main drawback of the dessert.

Indochili 10

Our verdict – Indochili is definitely a good spot to enjoy sumptuous and authentic Indonesian cuisine. If we had to recommend a good Indonesian restaurant, we are pretty sure Indochili would be on the list!


Add: 54 Zion Road, Singapore 247779

Tel: 6445 1766

Hrs: 11.30am-10pm (Sun-Thu), 11.30am-10.30pm (Fri-Sat), closed on Tue






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