Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant 御宝南北小馆

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Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant 御宝南北小馆

My chubby boy kept showing the thumb up sign practically for every dish he tried.  We were much in agreement with him; the Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant housing a splendid selection of fine Chinese cuisine, serving excellent quality dishes and savouring elegant Chinese classic. Every dish and every mouthful is a burst of flavoursome and palatable. Love it.

Roast duck and Roast pork: both the roast meats were well seasoned and tasty though the skin was not crisp enough else it will certain make an exemplary dish for itself.imperial treasure nan bei 7

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant

Crab meat and scallop fried rice: only the egg white w as used and that made the fried rice looked snowy white. However, the scallop and seasoning surprisingly not short of the taste and flavour, it was a simple dish built on the complexity and present as a plate of flavorful delicacy that many will die for.

imperial treasure nan bei 5


Fried Hor Fun with chives: You can truly taste the charred or smoky smell (wok hei) from this simple dish cooked with bean spout and Chinese chives.

imperial treasure nan bei 6 

Claypot Cod fish with Tofu: The cod fish was lightly coated with flour mixture and fried to achieve a paper thin crisp skin, at the same time retained the soft and juicy of the cod fish, cooked with Tofu and the roasted pork, this is a must try signature dish here.

imperial treasure nan bei 2

Steamed minced pork dumpling: Sucking the scrumptious juice from the wrapped dumpling was not just an enjoyment but satisfaction. Tasty and delectable tim-sum that was lip smacking.

imperial treasure nan bei 4

The long snaking queue was a good testament to validate the popularity of the Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant. It has gained our endorsement and support as well. We will be back.


Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant 御宝南北小馆

Address: Tampines Central 1, 10 Tampines Central 1, #02-04

Telephone: 64843323

Operating Hours: 11am – 9.30pm

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