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IKYU Japanese Restaurant

IKYU Japanese Restaurant, Tiong Bahru

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Tiong Bahru – an old town once the habitat of many the elderly has since revitalized with a new life. May be attracted by its centralized location or the nostalgic charm, the place is now populated not only home of many yuppies and young Singaporeans to settle here, it is not unusual to spot the Ang Moh in this community living next door as well.

Along with the new sophisticated faces, it brings a flock of new culture into this old estate or more appropriate a hipster suburb, the in flush of chic cafeteria and unique lifestyle shops.

IKYU Japanese restaurant has set its foot joining many other eateries to provide one more option to chill out.

Helmed by Executive Chef Takuma Seki, former chef de cuisine at Hide Yamamoto in Marina Bay Sands and chef-owner at Seki restaurant in the Rendezvous Hotel Gallery, the eminence culinary stints as a chef is well known and significance.

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There is no distinctive of a traditional Japanese restaurant feeling when you set your foot into the restaurant, no Shoji screens, no bamboo curtain, no kimono waitresses but chic design and a hints of modern contemporary factor sporadically throughout the place.

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IKYU Japanese restaurant serves up exotic Japanese cuisine with hints of western influence in this fine dining restaurant. Price is at the premium range but IKYU does offer wallet-friendly set lunch that is available throughout the week. For the set lunch, you have a choice of one main dish, appetizer, salad, soup, dessert and coffee or tea.

Appetizers / Starters

Truffle-flavoured grilled edamame $8.50

Ikyu 3

The grilled edamame was imbued with truffle aroma accomplished by the smoky fragrance, a simple and sublime appetizer perfectly to start the meal.

Pumpkin pasta and Tempura prawn

Ikyu 4

There is no fix appetizer and the chef will make use of what is available to whip out the dish. We have the pumpkin pasta and the shrimp which was beautifully done to almost perfection, seriously, there is little we can ask more. This is an excellent appetizer that made all of us fall in love with it.


Ikyu 5

Freshness is guaranteed, the big bowl of rice was mixed with assorted sashimi, roe and vegetables on a bed of warm sticky fragrant rice. A delicious bowl of meal that is utterly alluding and satisfying. The accompanying miso soup was top notch and densely packed with flavour.

Daily ROBATA Grilled Fish $28.0

Ikyu 11

Robata or Robatayaki is the traditional grilled food in Japanese, the fish head was an interesting spin served with a good dose of Japanese hospitality. The lightly grilled fish head was tangy and delightful thought the meat was a little on the dry end. Again, the type of fish is not fixed subject to what is available.

Daily ROBATA Grilled Beef $35.0

Ikyu 6

The Wagyu beef was grilled to retain the tenderness of the beef and served with ponzu sauce. Not an inch thick of beef but thick enough to give a jaws the right amount of work and enjoy the savouring flavour. The garlic rice served with the beef was divinely alluding, each grain was coated with the light fragrance of the garlic and a bowl is hardly enough.

IKYU 7 Kinds SUSHI & ROLL $35.0

Ikyu 8

The delicate and diverse flavours of the sushi featured seven different types of sushi and roll. A dab of wasabi with soy sauce in essence renders the freshness and culinary perfection of a sushi realm.

Ikyu 7

Dessert – Mocha ice cream with red bean

Ikyu 9

The Mocha ice cream was not sugary sweet; it was creamy and compelling with a fine texture.

IKYU Japanese Restaurant Our verdict:

IKYU presents an elaborate and sophisticated fine dining experience of a Japanese restaurant. The contemporary innovation of the dishes infused with savouring of delicate and exquisite flavors are not easily forgotten. Thanks IKYU of the invitation

IKYU Japanese Restaurant

Address: 5 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168643

Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm 6pm – 10.30pm Closed on Mondays

Telephone:  6223 9003



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