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Food Review: Idealite Singapore – Award-Winning Vegetarian Restaurant

Food Review: Idealite Singapore 品味舒食


Idealite -Without a strong financial background, this restaurant was founded in 2011; they started the restaurant business at a corner of their house in Penang serving healthy food. They strongly believe that one should be selective in making choices when dining out in order to take responsibility for their health. The response to this holistic educational approach was so favorable that prompted them to set-up and relocate their corner outlet to a decent site and set up the first IDEALITE restaurant.

However, the journey of setting up the business has never been smooth at all. The founder Mr Tan Yong Jen was so broke that once he needs to loan the tables and chairs to start the restaurant.


Idealite is not an ordinary vegetarian restaurant, every dish on the menu are prepared with care to ensure the best health of the diners in mind. Idealite uses only Olive oil, Rice Bran oil, Brown rice, Whole Wheat ramen, Brown sugar, Himalayan Salt, Oat milk and Filtered water etc for the ingredients. Unlike many other vegetarian restaurants, Idealite ensures msg, artificial colouring and vegetarian gluten meat are strictly out of the dishes. On top of it, every meal has gone through the review by the certified nutritionists to ensure balanced nutrition diets for the best of the health.

Located at the heart of the Bugis area, the Penang popular vegetarian chain finally makes their presence in Singapore. We accidentally bumped into this restaurant while wandering around looking a place for lunch and decided to try it out.

Healthy or vegetarian food are generally do not get into the good books of the public for its perceived bland and monotonous taste. Can Idealite make a difference?

Hokkaido Miso Ramen 13.9


Essence of miso soup stewed with fresh pumpkin puree, shimeji mushroom, seaweed, and tofu. The ramen adorned with the luscious broth which was rich and robust that allowed the whole wheat noodles to saturate with the nice complex flavours. Every bite impelled the thought of the satisfying al dente texture and the natural sweetness of the pumpkin. Worth to try.




MyPlate offer you ideas and tips to create a healthier eating style, eight balanced nutrients encompass of grain, protein, veggie and fruit. We opted the day special black pepper Eryngil Mushroom meal. Besides the main mushroom, the meal came with brown rice, veggies, and watermelon. The black pepper Eryngil Mushroom was more on the sweet side than peppery, overall a good blend with the rice.

Bak Kut Teh Rice 12.9


Hericium mushroom mixed with assorted tofu, lettuce and stewed with more than 10 types of herbs. The soup was inundated with a piquant flavour and giving it the legendary herbal kick. The bold flavour has a lasting finishing on the tongue and Idealite showcases as one of the iconic dishes here.


Bak Kut Teh has never been in the good books for its sinfully saturated fat but we reckoned a good vegetarian Bak Kut Teh can at the time be a good substitution indeed. Free of a discernible layer of oil and packed with medicinal goodness, it is a bowl of healthy Bak Kut Teh that we did not regret eating.

Pumpkin Barley 3.9


Barley mixed with mashed pumpkin for this unique health drink, served warm and taste of full natural goodness.

Passion Fruits + Pineapples 5.9


No added sugar and you get a glass of pure passion fruit and pineapples blended juice. Natural sweetness and sourness that makes a perfectly invigorating drink on a hot day.

Our verdict 

Idealite strongly believes that one should be selective in making choices when dining out in order to take responsibility for their health. We are heartened to see the passion and vision in promoting healthy eating by Idealite. We have been cramming down so much unhealthy food and definitely appreciate Idealite for providing a solace for the opposite.

Idealite Singapore 

A: 153  Rochor Road, Bugis Village, Singapore 188428

H: 11am – 9pm Daily

T: +65 6264 7100

W: https://www.facebook.com/idealitesg/


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