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Ibrahim Mee Stall – Roti John

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Ibrahim Mee Stall – Roti John

Ibrahim mee stall Roti John 2

We decided to try the Roti John which is recommended by the media. The stall sells mee goreng, mee hoon goreng, mee hoon putih, fried rice, nasi goreng, mutton chop, mutton steak and many more.

Eggs, mutton and onion were mixed and fried in a big wok, the bread was sliced into two halves and then added on to soak up the eggs and the mutton mixture, the process soften the bread and create a slight charred on the crust to give the additional crispiness. The eggs, mutton and onion mixture was sandwiched in between the two halves of the bread and topped with mayonnaises and served with their home made sweet chili sauce.    

Ibrahim mee stall Roti John 3

Honestly speaking, the roti john was rather ordinary when we tasted it, the egg mixture was nothing worth to mention and the mutton was almost tasteless and not up to the minimum expectation. We afraid the Roti John from Ibrahim Mee Stall could have much over-hyped compared to others less famous Roti John stalls. You can try the Roti John at Suriya Curry House or refer to our review at the stall offers one of the best Roti John in Singapore.

Ibrahim mee stall Roti John 4

We tried the fried mee hoon goreng as well but turned out to be a complete disappointment. Besides the tomatoes sauce to make it looks reddish in colour to resemble the “goreng”, the whole plate of the mee hoon goreng was completely featureless, our strong recommendation is do not waste your time and money on this dish.

 Ibrahim mee stall Roti John 1 

Ibrahim Mee Stall

 Address: Adam Road Food Centre Stall #01-04 2 Adam Road S(289876)

Operating hour: 11am – 4am, Closed: Monday

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