I Scream

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I Scream

Singapore being summer pretty much all year long, chances are, you can’t go wrong with opening an ice cream parlour. After all, it was a hot day that led us to  the front steps of I Scream; that and their huge store sign, lit by numerous light bulbs, that can be seen from a mile away.

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Stepping into the shop, we were first greeted by this rotating ice cream display with a smorgasbord of flavours. To say that we were in awe would be an understatement; this was something we’ve never seen before! Apparently the rotating display and storage case is Italian designed, a result of intensive research that helps ensure the most optimum way of storing the ice cream.

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We ordered the Messy Combo 2 ($12.90) which consists of 4 ice cream flavours, 4 toppings, and one sauce. We chose the Double Cookies and Cream, Yu Zu Pomelo, Banana with Walnut, and Chocolate Marshmallow for the ice cream, and Maltesers, crunchy pearls, almonds and sunflower seeds for our toppings. We also had the Crispy Waffle with Bananas and a scoop of Tiramisu ice cream, a Man-Go-Mad smoothie and a Berri Strawberry.

Double Cookies and Cream Plain tasting ice cream with huge chunks of Oreo bits to make up for it. Ice cream did not give the Oreos any extra flavour.

i scream 9

Yu Zu Pomelo A little bit weird tasting, it has a bitter aftertaste from the little bits of pomelo peel in the sorbet. None of us liked it except my father.

Banana with Walnut Average tasting, the banana ice cream was creamy with a mild banana aftertaste. Walnut taste wasn’t very prominent.

i scream 4

Chocolate Marshmallow I guess you can never go wrong with chocolate, this is the richest of all ice creams, and it wasn’t too sweet too; this was slightly better than average.

Tiramisu Not very strong flavoured, like the other ice cream flavours we tried, there is just a mild taste of the alcohol followed by a light lingering taste of coffee.


Crispy Waffle ($6.90)

i scream 7

Indeed crispy, the waffle was very thin and there was a slight toasted smell. Although the waffle itself is not very tasty, it blended very well with the bananas provided.

i scream 8

Berri Strawberry ($2.90)

This was like a combination of east and west,  a western version of ice chendol, except that it’s composed of berry syrup, soda, and berry bits. Very refreshing, it was a nice blend of sweet and sour! There is also a layer of red beans at the bottom, which was soft and fragrant. Instead of using coconut milk, normal milk was used. Probably a healthier take on the otherwise sweet and sinful ice chendol?

i scream 10

Man-Go-Mad Smoothie ($6.90)

Smoothie was a little coarse, and very bland. We could barely taste the mango in the smoothie, even though the serving was generous.

i scream 6

We all thought that the ice cream lacks fragrance in general, and that it was rather bland compared to most. Instead, we actually preferred their crispy waffles, and their Berri Strawberry which we thought was rather commendable. If you really want to have ice cream, stick to the basic flavours like chocolate, give the rest a miss!


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I Scream

Address: Blk 89, Bedok North Ave 4, #01-109, Singapore 460089

Tel: 6445 5739

Operating hours: 12:00 pm – 12:00am




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