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Hwa Yuen Porridge 华园粥品

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Hwa Yuen Porridge 华园粥品

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How a best porridge usually prepared? Much lesser rice grains compared to cooking congees and plenty of water added, the rice is cooked over the big fire followed by small fire for a prolonged time depending on the quantity cooked. In between the cooking, you need to keep stirring the porridge to prevent the rice grain become lumpy and to ensure the heat reaches evenly of every part of the porridge in the pot. This is also critical to allow the rice grains to completely melt down to the finest and smoothest texture. In the end, you should not find a COMPLETE rice grain in the bowl and the porridge has to be silky smooth.

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When there is an order, you simply heat up the porridge again and add on whatever ingredients and seasoning to make up the taste. Good porridge takes a long time to cook and not something simply adding rice grains, put on the stove and ready to serve in few minutes.

Hwa Yuen porridge has been whipping up bowls of fragrance porridges for the past 50 over years. They have somehow almost perfect the skills in cooking good porridge. The porridge was silky smooth and can take on the challenge to any of the hotel or restaurant standard in Singapore. Though Hwa Yuen porridge is plain in look when served, just some spring onion drizzled over the porridge with fried vermicelli as the topping and garnishing, of course, with the choice of fish slices, pork, fried intestines or mixed pig organs added into the porridge during cooking. However, the porridge practically do not require adding further seasoning like soy sauce or sesame sauce to enhance the taste, the porridge was exceptionally sumptuous and fantastic in taste, we love the silky smooth texture and the taste which make you yearning for more.

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Overall, Hwa Yuen Porridge has been in Singapore for over 50 years, the porridge has won many of the supporters all this years and we tend to concur this is certainly one of the best porridge in Singapore.

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Hwa Yuen Porridge 华园粥品

Address: 30 Seng Poh Road #02-74,

Tiong Bahru Food Market & Hawker Centre, Singapore 168898



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