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Hup Seng Duck Rice @ Sin Ming Road 合成鸭饭

Hup Seng Duck Rice @ Sin Ming Road 合成鸭饭

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There are at least four coffeeshops spread along the long stretch of void deck under Block 22 Sin Ming Road. It is not the number of coffeeshops under one HDB unit catches the attention but the good food you can find here. Almost all the coffeeshop house at least one to two prominent food stalls under it roof. Examples the Bak Kut Teh, double boiled soup, seafood restaurant, duck rice and wanton just to name a few.

We are on the mission to hunt for the best duck rice in Singapore, Hup Seng Duck Rice naturally on our target list with its rave review.

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We ordered the braised duck rice with braised pork for two and the Kiam Chye Arh (salted vegetable duck soup) at the cost of $18.

Duck: the duck meat was tender with a fine and malleable texture, the duck was inundated with the alluring flavour accentuated by the dark gravy. However, the braised pork was not as convincing as the duck; it’s simply lacked the fragrance and tasted bland.

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Sauce: the sauce was not the starchy type, the dark gravy was salty but infused with nice flavour, and it has a distinctive fragrance that hit the senses, a thumb up from us.

Rice: white rice was doused with the dark sauce and made a good pairing to the rice.

Chili: Chili flakes added soy sauce and vinegar, not a real good dipping sauce. Good chili sauce should have well balance in the sourness, sweetness and spiciness, however, the combination was absent here.

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Kiam Chye Arh (salted vegetable duck soup): good Kiam Chye Arh should have a good balance of saltiness and sourness from the salted mustard and the flavour induced from the duck. The milky white Kiam Chye Arh could be more alluring if the saltiness was not too overwhelming, it outweigh the sourness from the mustard green, though the pepper helps to boost up the flavour a little.

Our verdict:

We finished our lunch at 12noon and the queue in front of Hup Seng Duck Rice already extended by at least three folds the number. Is it justified for the waiting? Is a testimony to its worth? We think so for the succulent duck rice but may not so for the braised pork. Anyway, we are after the duck and not the pork.

Hup Seng Duck Rice

Add: Blk 22 Sin Ming Road#01-258, Singapore 570022

Tel: 6454 3810

Hrs: 9.00am to 2.30pm (Mon-Fri except Thu) 9.00am to 1.30pm (Sat, Sun), Closed on Thursdays

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