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Food Review: Hualong Fishhead Steamboat

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 11

The coffeeshop was sardine-packed during dinner time, with majority of tables apparently fans of Hualong Fishhead Steamboat. In fact, business was so good that we started worrying it was going to be a long wait for the food to be served. However, our concerns proved to be unfounded, as all the dishes were delivered to our table in less than 15 minutes! Wow..incredible efficiency.

Hualong Charcoal Steamboat 28.8/38.8/48.8

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 10

Hualong was not stingy with the fish. The generous serving of red grouper fish chunks was probably the highlight of the steamboat, unfortunately, the broth was nothing too fanciful and too ordinary, missing the much needed tantalizing flavour that would leave you craving for more.

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 9Signature Wok Fried White Bee Hoon 6.5/9/12/18

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 1

If you have eaten the famous Sembanwang White Bee Hoon, you may find that Hualong signature wok fried white bee hoon has a gap to fill. The seafood essence may be present on the taste buds but the flavour was not robust enough to floor us.

Sambal sweet potatoes leave 7/9/11

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 4

Veggies seem not to be given too much the attention and the plate of sweet potato leaves was mediocre. The sambal was too tame and was missing the sambal kick.

Signature Golden Sand Chicken 11/17/22

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 5

Who can resist the fragrance of the salted egg yolk? The chicken chunks were coated with salted egg yolk and everyone could not get their hands off of it. Is it the best? Probably not, as we have tried superior ones, it could be better if additional egg yolk sauce was doused over to give the extra “shiokness”.

Sauteed Venison with Black Pepper on Hotplate 13/17/21

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 7

The venison was cooked in the hotpot, meat was tender and moist, and the black pepper seasoning helped to lift the overall flavour a notch higher, making it one of the dishes we highly recommended.

Lala sambal 10/15/20

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 3

Nothing is more annoying than when biting into a bit of dirt in the shell when eating la la. It ruined the whole dish.

Braised Herbal Duck with Sea Cucumber 15/25/35

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 2

The herb was a little too intense and the bitterness of the herb may not be pleasant to some. A really good braised herbal duck has to be a good balance of herb flavour coupled with tender and juicy duck meat. Unfortunately, both seem to be missing here.

House Special Red Grouper with Brinjal in Claypot 16/23/28

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 8

Hualong seems to master hotplate or Claypot better than other dishes. Besides the venison in hotplate, the house special red grouper with brinjal in claypot was another classic example of good culinary skills. Another worth to order dish here.

Our Verdict

Steamboat may be the main attraction at Hualong Fishhead Steamboat, however, the run of the mill steamboat in our opinion is not up to mark with its ordinary broth. But if you are hankering for some reasonably good zi char, you can still be satisfied by most of the dishes here


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