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Hua Yu Wee – Cheap and Reasonably Good

Hua Yu Wee 华友园海鲜 

Hua Yu Wee occupies a big colonial style bungalow along East Coast Road. The Chinese restaurant has been in operation for the last few decades with its cheap and good accolades received from many of the loyal diners.

Hua Yu Wee has a huge dining area with both indoor air conditioning and outdoor settings.

When we were there over the weekend, it was full house and we were left 2 hours to complete the dinner to give way for subsequent reservations. The overwhelming business reflects well its popularity.

We ordered the set menu $268 + GST 20.16 ++ on top of the few more add-on dishes from the menu.

Platter: Prawn rolls, BBQ Pork, Baby Squids

Hua Yu Wee 3

Amongst the three, the roasted pork was reasonably good and well-marinated flavour with a juicy texture, the rest tasted ordinary.

Fish Maw with Crab Meat Thick Soup

Hua Yu Wee 2

Starchy gravy with a little crab meat but generous with the fish maw and serving size. Taste wise was ordinary and nothing to shout about.

Poached Prawns with Hua Diao Wine

Hua Yu Wee 7

Prawns were sweet and fresh with a hint of Hua Diao flavor, not overdone and steamed to the perfect texture.

Duck Meat with Seafood Paste wrapped in Crepe

Hua Yu Wee 1

The duck meat was mashed with the seafood paste, wrapped in crepe and deep-fried, you can’t really differentiate the duck and the seafood in the end. Generally acceptable but doesn’t leave you with a deep impression.

Feng Sha Chicken

 Hua Yu Wee 4

A popular Cantonese dish famous for its crispy skin, tender meat and flavourful seasoning, which usually tastes better than roasted chicken. Overall we have to agree the dish met the minimum expectations of a good Feng Sha Chicken.

Stir Fried Green

Hua Yu Wee 5

The fried Kai Lan was a well-executed dish with right crunchiness and flavor.

Braised Pork with Bun

 Hua Yu Wee 8

This is probably the least favorite dish on the set menu, the meat was missing the needed spices to bring out the flavour of a good braised pork. Texture of the buns was not refined and overall a big disappointment.

Butter Crayfish

Hua Yu Wee 11

There is no fresh fish or fried fish on the set menu and instead, butter crayfish was served. Something different and we did enjoy the nice buttery coating with its tender meat.

 Silver Fish Fried Rice

Hua Yu Wee 10

There was charred flavour from the wok frying but nothing too exciting that is worth mentioning about this dish.

Crab Ketchup with Chilli $7.28/100g

Hua Yu Wee 13

The gravy was spicier than most of the chili crabs we have tried elsewhere. Not much egg went into the gravy and, which purely relied on the Chili and Ketchup with garlic to whip up the taste. Some liked the tangy chili flavour while the rest complained about the lack of depth in its flavour.

Yi Fu Noodles $10.7 / 16.1 / 21.4

Hua Yu Wee 12

We must agree the texture of the Yi Fu Noodle was superior, smooth and slithered down the throat. Definitely one of the better Yi Fu noodles around.

Sambal KangKong $10.7 / 12.84 / 17.12

Hua Yu Wee 6

Need to give the chef some credit for the right sambal chili, as well as the culinary skills to retain the natural colour and texture of the greens.

Lala White Bee Hoon $16.1 / 21.4 / 26.8

Hua Yu Wee 9

The Lala white bee hoon is a recommendation from a friend who has tried the dish here. The white bee hoon was permeated with the sweetness of the seafood and the generous plump and juicy lala made the overall a satisfying dish.

Our verdict

Hua Yu Wee Seafood attraction lies with its reasonable price, generous serving size, comforting food though some duds in a few dishes. However, for the price we paid, we can’t really complain too much about it.

A: 462 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 466508

H: 5pm – 11.30pm daily

T: 6241 1709 after 11am

T: 6442 9313 after 4pm



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