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Houson Herbal Braised Duck 和兴卤味

Houson Herbal Braised Duck 和兴卤味

Located in the same coffeeshop with one of our Favourite fish soup – Kang Li Fish Soup. Houson Herbal Braised Duck is another stall attracting with the perpetual queue.

Houson Braised Duck Rice 1

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Houson Herbal Braised Duck offering more than 20 varieties of food items ranging from the duck rice, kway chap, porridge, pig organ soup, claypot braised pig trotter etc. however, the duck rice is always their signature dish and we ordered a Duck rice set at $4.30. We had patronised this stall a few times in the past and besides the succulent duck rice, the friendliness of the stall owners has added the draw to its stall.

Houson Braised Duck Rice 2

Duck: Duck meat was tender and infused with the herbal aroma, however, for a set meal of $4.30, the duck meat given was seem to be quite pathetic, we have to portion it carefully to go with the rice, five thinly slices of meat for a plate of rice could be taken by many for over-price. Though the Tau kua, peanut and braised egg helped to conceal the meagre duck meat.

Houson Braised Duck Rice 3

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Rice: braised duck rice was a little too hard could be a result of undercook or low grade of rice used. Nevertheless, the rice was quite fragrance which made up the shortcoming of the rice.

Chili: sour and spicy, the typical chili for kway chap and may not too appropriate for duck rice.

Houson Braised Duck Rice 4

Soup: neither here nor there, salty and tasted like the salted vegetable soup.

Our verdict:

Houson Herbal Braised Duck scores well in the quality of the duck meat but we wish the portion of the duck meat could be more generous and the texture of the rice could be more soft and moist, otherwise, it is a good duck rice that worth to try.

Houson Herbal Braised Duck 和兴卤味

Happy Hawkers Coffee Shop(Coffeeshop) 喜多福

Add: 132 Jurong Gateway Rd #01-271, Singapore 600132

Hrs: 11am – 9pm

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