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House of Dempsey @ Dempsey Hill

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Few decades ago, it was a place where the young men were once called up, gathered and loaded onto the “three ton ner”, began their duty and journey to serve and defend the nation. Time has since changed the place completely, transformed the cluster of British colonial buildings used to be the army administration place into a world of gastronomical attraction.

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Perched atop of the Dempsey Hill,  House of Dempsey is surrounded by the lush green, the all white painted wall and ceiling, panels of full height see through windows and the ceiling spinning lazily stimulating some cool air to the otherwise still air in the hot Sunday afternoon, pace of life seems momentously slow down to a crawl, an ambience ideal to laze around and relax.

The ambience has obviously taken the limelight, food unnoticeably withdrew into the backstage and it is what one’s expected.

Asian Sliders $27

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One of the House of Dempsey perennial favourites that stays on the menu is the Asian Sliders, the kong bak pau or the slow pressure cooked pork belly sandwiched by the fluffy buns. The pork belly was tender and full of flavour, it was inspiring conviction and one of the superior asian concoction should not be missed here.

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Truffle Fries $12

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The sprinkled of the legendary truffle over the potatoes fries leap flog the price by few folds. Just wonder if this is artificial or authentic Truffles, somehow, my two teens whack down everything.

Truffle taro fries $8

Shoestring yam fries with aromatic truffle oil, something unique and the Truffle oil added the extra flavour that well received by the kids.

Sweet potato nibblets $8

We had potatoes, Taro fries and do not want to miss out this sweet-tasting tuberous roots, the sweet potato was tossed with sesame seeds to give it the extra fragrance.

Pumpkin hazelnut fries $12

My two teens appeared to be a fries addict, every fries species are not spare from their eagle eyes, however, the unusual pumpkin hazelnut fries never seems to receive the nod.

Crabby Omelette $25

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Simple pan fried egg topped with fresh crab meat lumped in with garlic croutons, bacon, cabbage sprouts and slices of purple potato. The thin layer of omelette with the plating was aesthetically pleasing but the content was completely featureless and flavourless, the $25 price tag is exorbitant for the portion you paid. It is a dish live up to the name – CRABBY OMELETTE!

Argentina Steak Frit $38

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JiaQi loves steak and never failed to order if one on the menu, however, the medium rare steak was churned out in an insipid and savourless manner. The steak was much left unfinished and her frowning expression was the most compelling evidence for the disappointment of her favourite.

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches $24

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The grilled chicken was hardly visible and the sandwich mainly filled with salad. The fries probably take the main stage and taste better than the pathetic sandwiches.

House Free Form Eggs Brunch $26

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French loaf served with scramble eggs, bacon, cube potatoes and salad, seriously, do you think it worth the hefty price for the miserable plate of brunch set? We definitely regretted ordering it.

House of  Dempsey Verdict :

Frankly, besides the Asia Slider and the fries, we could not find any satisfaction in the food here at all, the ambience at House of Dempsey may be provided some consolation comfort, however, the lackluster food and the exorbitant price completely thrown the euphoria of the visit into the drain.

House at Dempsey Details :

Address: 8D Dempsey Rd,Singapore 249672
Phone: (65) 6475 7787
Working Hours:
Mon-thurs : 12am – 11pm
Fri: 12noon – 12 mn
Sat: 11am – 12mn
Sun: 9am – 11pm


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