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Hooked On Heads

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We like spicy food and Hooked On Heads spot on with their seemingly appetizing curry fishhead and the array of paranakan offerings and local favorites. Unfortunately, too extensive offering on the menu may usually come with some level of compromises on the quality of the dishes and we just be realistic. So, how Hooked on Heads fair in our review?
Sambal Kang Kong $10
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Sambal must have the right sambal chili spiciness and flavour, this dish was very much lacked of both, too plain ordinary and quite a disappointment.
Foo Yong omelette $10
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Foo Yong omelette could be simply but nice if with the right seasoning. The omelette here might present the basis ingredients and looked homely cooked, however, we could not agree to the taste which far from savoury.
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Assam curry fish head $25
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Served with ladyfingers, Chinese celery,  onion and chili, this is their signature here and we can’t afford to give it a miss.  The fish head was fresh and stunningly tender, served in a claypot and submerged in the pool of bright gloriously orange curry gravy, it was simply alluring and aroused the appetite, not fiery chili hot but a tame sweet smelling concoction that was both rich and compelling.
Wu Xian Prawn roll $12
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At least not packed with flour to cut cost. The prawn rolls were deep fried and the skin was crispy. The important thing is that this dish work, it’s simple but scrumptious a little bit tame and yet still reasonably tasty to go with the rice
Our verdict:
Hooked on Heads may not offering the best in its class for the food and some of the dishes were far short of expectation. If you are looking for a simple meal and not too picky about food, at least the curry fishhead and Wu Xian prawn rolls are worth the try.
Hooked on Heads
Add: 6 Sin Ming Rd, Singapore 575585
Tel: 6455 4948

Hrs: open daily

11:00AM to 2:30 PM (Last Order at 2.15 PM)

5:30PM to 9:30PM (Last order @ 9:15PM)

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