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Hong Ji Roasted Delight . Wanton Noodle – A little gem that shine 鸿记燒腊云吞面

Hong Ji Roasted Delight . Wanton Noodle – A little gem that shine 鸿记燒腊云吞面 (CLOSED)  

 Hong Ji Roast delight 2

The long snaky queue in front of the stall in the coffee shop has always caught our attention during the lunch time, finally, we got to arrive much earlier to beat the crowd and got the chance to taste the food.


 We ordered almost all the available varieties behind the display glass cabinet (Glutton family always), we have the roasted meat (Shao rou烧肉), Char Shao 叉烧,roasted duck烧鸭, roasted pork rib 烧排骨.


Roasted duck烧鸭

Hong Ji Roast delight 8

Not sure if the roasted duck has to do with the duck species or the roast method, the roasted duck here has little fat under the skin, some may prefer to have a layer of ducky fat to enjoy the oozing of the oil into the mouth and the soft and juicy texture, however, the duck skin here is thin and the layer of fat was barely discernible, we prefer the skin done in this manner which is less culpable for the calories ingested, at least not too guilty when eat. Overall, the duck was reasonably well marinated and roasted, tender and flavourful, we all enjoy it.


Char Siew 叉烧

Hong Ji Roast delight 3

The roasted meat was able to stand tall to the roasted duck, the tenderness and charred or burnt trace on the exterior of the roasted meat added another punch to the taste, although the seasoning could do a bit more depth but overall another delightful dish we do appreciate a lot.


Roasted Meat 烧肉

Hong Ji Roast delight 7

The roasted meat was the real McCoy from the stall, no big hunk of fatty meat and just the right proportion to the lean meat, the crispiness of the skin and the nice flavour emanated from the tenderness of the meat accentuate the scrumptious tastes, overall a divinely aroma of the meat that lingered in the mouth and simply salivating.


Roasted pork rib 烧排骨

Hong Ji Roast delight 5

Roasted pork rib was glistening with a shiny gross; taste just sweet and lacked of substance and character, the only dish that we are not too impressed.

Hong Ji Roast delight 4

The serving portion was quite sizable and the complement bowl of the soup came with a duck wing which was uncommon. Not to forget the chili which is packed with ikan bilis and absolute a good complement to the meat.

Hong Ji Roast delight 9

Overall, Hong Ji Delight has put their own uniqueness spin into the roasted dishes, create a respected and revered roasted delicacies that is highly commendable. The perpetual queue provided a clear mandate and a testimony to its worth.

 Hong Ji Roast delight 1


Hong Ji Roasted Delight . Wanton Noodle 鸿记燒腊云吞面

Address: 282A Toh Guan Road, Singapore 601267 (NOTE: THE STALL HAS CEASED OPEARTION)

Operating Hours: NA



  1. I spoke to the Hong Ji Roasted Delight stall owner after he moved.
    New location may be along Jalan Boon Lay.
    One of the canteens.
    May be the canteen inside ST Kinetics or Ordnance Devt & Engineering Company Of Spore P/l.
    Stall owner said too troublesome for public to come as you need security check and IC clearance before entering the company gates.
    You can phone 9223-2238 to contact the stall owner.

  2. Thanks for the good info, we will update accordingly but sad to hear that the access to the premises is restricted and inconvenient to the public.


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