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Hon Ni Kitchen Nasi Lemak 红泥小厨

Hon Ni Kitchen Nasi Lemak 红泥小厨

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My chubby boy is a typical “rice barrel”, he simply cannot live without rice a day and naturally rice related food always on his top favorite list. He has a soft spot for Nasi Lemak, his excitement could never be more obvious when come across large varieties of dishes available for him to select at the Nasi Lemak stalls.

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Hon Ni Kitchen specialized in Chinese Nasi Lemak and a queue was not something unusual in front of the stall during the peak hours. Hon Ni Kitchen does not have too many choices when come to food selection, quite a difference from the rest of Chinese Nasi Lemak stalls we have tried before. We are a little cynical with the limited choices available, not sure how the stall was still able to attract the crowd but more importantly, how to meet our “rice barrel” expectation?

Hon Ni Kitchen Nasi Lemak

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We ordered the long bean, fried ikan bilis, luncheon meat and the chicken wing. We had no intention to order the chicken wing at the first place but changed our mind when an auntie ordered one big bag of chicken wing for take away. Luckily we made the right choice as the chicken wing was the best among all the dishes, crispy coating and the seasoning was very well done and fragrance, the meat was tendered and juicy and truly delicious.

The fried Ikan bilis was another dish well cooked and tasteful. However, they seemed to have forgotten to add the seasoning to the long beans when fried, as it tasted completely featureless and a big disappointment.

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Unlike Malay Nasi Lemak, Hon Ni Kitchen prepared the rice with little or no coconut milk but some pandan flavour. The rice has very mild in the aroma compared to others, making it a healthier choice for those who are health conscious. The sambal chili was good and went well with the rice.

Overall, the chicken wing, Ikan Bilis and the sambal chili helped keep the stall reputation afloat but there is still room need to improve for other dishes.

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Hon Ni Kitchen Nasi Lemak

Address: Block 216 Bedok Market and Food Centre

#01-07, Block 216, Bedok North Street 1




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