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Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill @ Marina Square (CLOSED)

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill @ Marina Square

Hippopotamus 1

A sea of red greets you at Hippopotamus – an appetite stimulant, even most of the cocktails were not spared: the new popular Luigi, Strawberry Daiquiri, Bay Breeze, Cranberry Kick. If you couldn’t already tell, we were here for a cocktail appreciation session.

Hippopotamus 2

Hippopotamus 3

New Cocktails

Luigi $14.90++

Hippopotamus 4

A pinky cocktail created with Gin, Vermouth, Grenadine, Triple Sec, a dash of orange juice with an underlying juniper berry finish. Best pairings to go with Fish and seafood

Strawberry Daiquiri $14.90++

Hippopotamus 5

Perhaps the sweeter one amongst the five cocktails we tried, not to the point of sugary rush but the concoction of Rum, strawberries, strawberry puree, lime juice, and sugar syrup will make it a perfect pairing with steak and grilled meat.

Bay Breeze $14.90++

Hippopotamus 7

As fresh as the sea breeze, the Bay Breeze is a creation from a mix of Vodka, cranberry juice and pineapple juice, the tropical fruit creating a burst of sweetness which was refreshing and infused with the power of Vodka, a great accompaniment for poultry and seafood.

Cranberry Kick $14.90++

Oops…too much alcohol – we missed snapping a photo of this drink (sorry!) but what we can tell you for sure is that this drink is red in colour.

Good pairings to go with poultry and grilled meat. This is another berry red drink with a mixture of Vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice. Perfect sweetness and tartness for the meaty stuff.

Poker Face $14.90++

Hippopotamus 11

The only cocktail not red for the day, mix of Tequila, Triple Sec and pineapple juice with hints of citrus aftertaste. An excellent pairing with fried seafood and snacks.

Side dishes

Comforting side dishes to go with the main course.

Combo Platter

Hippopotamus 10

Chicken wings, Cheese sticks, Calamari and Onion rings. Nice snack to munch on as the starter.

Salmon and Shrimp Salad

Hippopotamus 6

Smoked Salmon and ocean fresh shrimp, fresh seafood and salad.

Sauteed Mushroom

Hippopotamus 14

Fresh mushroom grilled to perfection.


Poached egg with red wine

Hippopotamus 9

Soft egg yolks infused with a tangy wine and bacon strips, a typical comfort food in France


Tomato Tartare with Guacamole

Hippopotamus 8

Diced tomatoes, coriander, onions, olive oil and lime served with fresh tiger prawns.


Hippo Cheese Burger

Hippopotamus 12

Tender beef with Ciabatta Buns.


Main course

Prime rib

Hippopotamus 16

Australia beef – bursting with flavour and texture

Hippopotamus 13

Go with any of the 6 sauces – barbecue, Béarnaise, shallots, pepper, Mushroom and Sambal. Have a sip of the cocktails and enjoy the steak.

French desserts always have a place in many people’s hearts. Kind of difficult to say no.
French Toast Nutella

Hippopotamus 18

A moist slice of French toast covered with Nutella and topped with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream


Strawberry Cheesecake

Hippopotamus 17

Cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries and cookie crumbs.

Our verdict, there is something for everyone – and every dish. Enjoy a glass of cocktails and delectable French cuisine at Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill @ Marina Square without burning a hole in your pocket. Bon appetit!





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